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DNI: Who should be vaccinated to process the documentation?


The latest regulation requires each dose every day. Which ones are missing, what happens if you lose the certificate: all the new tax replies to get your ID, passport and driver's license.

December 19, 2018

From now on, everyone who has to process the DNI, passport or driver's license must submit current vaccination certificate, as established in the new law and promoted by deputy Tucuman Pablo Yedlin. However, What are the doses that adults should apply?

According to the initiative approved in Parliament last week, the State will extend an adult vaccination obligation, which has to have all vaccines up to date, according to their age, to achieve & # 39; These procedures.


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According to the calendar published by the Ministry of Health, healthy adults should have three doses of hepatitis B vaccine, and double adults that are protected from diphtheria and tetanus every ten years. Those born after 1965 should receive two triples of triple viral against measles and rubella after one year.

On the other hand, everyone over the age of 65 should receive the pneumococcal medication every ten years and the anti-flu drug every year. In the event of the loss of the vaccination card, if someone had a vaccine and does not have the certificate or does not remember receiving a dose, there is no collision to re-apply.

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