Sunday , January 17 2021

DJ Marshmello has a history with the first virtual show inside the most popular videogame: the Fortnite

DJ Marshmello gave an historical show inside the Fortnite game Credit: YouTube

At 16 in Argentina, this Saturday was a stunning concert format and a lively novel in the most recently used game
Tour. Each of the participants who came to the Pleasant Parque during that time, one of the zones / cities on a map of Aberystwyth
Fortnite Battle Royale discovered a step and clock with a countdown that already announced the "event" programmed: a virtual show of
DJ Marshmello.

"Welcome to Fortnite, to Placent Park, my name is Marshmello and thank you for coming and making a story together", it was heard in DJ & & # The audience (users' avatars, some using Marshmello's "skin", with the Marshmallow and the Cross-eyes) jump and fight weapons. "I want everyone to jump with me in this song," he asked, and automatically, the players turned back and forth thanks to one of the number of actions that the DJ would be surprising to & # 39 ; r Most experienced players (during a fixed period of the set that the gravity was eliminated, players could float and then throw a ball with the DJ logo to bounce around).

So, Marshmello offered a first-minute one-minute mini show (which would be repeated only once this Sunday morning) which included
A tribute to the Swedish DJ Avicii, who died last year and who was very proud and dancing his supporters and millions of fans of the game. "What makes me happier than what happened today is that many people have experienced their first concert, all the videos I was seeing people were Smiling on a set is incredible, I'm still upset, "the DJ wrote on his Twitter account (

"If you think the concert is underway, try to come to a real show," he added in another tweet. According to the Epic Games, Fortnite developer, we saw the "first virtual video concert" by more than 10 million users, "a figure that definitely leaves the door open to other such events.

Several famous experiences of you, like the Spanish Rupi, have been broadcast live on the experience of the show game.

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