Wednesday , November 25 2020

Divorced, opened business and became a millionaire NEWS | The Industry

A Rupert Hunt, A website created to rent rooms in a shared house, life was surprised: one day he would use the service.

Hela He was 29 in 2004 who launched SpareRoom, as an alternative to facilitating the search for rooms that are available in shared housing in London, but after their divorce, at the age of 38, when they gave their business the first profit.

It seems that the day his wife had a woman without a woman, felt that she did not want to be alone in her house and that's where the business begins to grow, reporting the BBC.

"The fastest growing area in the shared housing market is the" part of those aged 40 ", he says

The SpareRoom company is currently available in the United Kingdom and US, and it ensures that more than 11 million people visit the web every month.

One day, he announced an advertisement saying he was looking for home peers who would pay what they could just. He received thousands of candidates and much media coverage.

He later reiterated the same strategy in New York, when he leased a large apartment in Manhattan, expanding the business to the United States.

With 80 employees, Rupert says that SpareRoom It has an annual sales for more than 10 million dollars and he feels happy that he has never needed an external investor.

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