Monday , July 4 2022

Disputes in Flybondi | Julian Cook left the consignment …


Amongst rumors about financial problems, CEO of Flybondi's low-cost airline, Julian Cook resigned. The manager will be the vice president of the company and was replaced by Andrés Vacarezzza, who was CFO (director of finance). This is the second decline of the controversial company, which was news of the beginning due to the numerous technical problems that led to cancellations and delays in the service. The first injury was one of the founders, Richard Gluzman, former ex-head of staff, Mario Quintana.

The company was one of the most favorable by a Government-driven outdoor policy, with the largest number of routes given despite the fact that there was not even a plane at the first public hearing to ask for destinations. Last March, flying began with some regularity in the low cost segment. Just a few minutes was the first trip to Córdoba until the aircraft had to have land due to technical problems.

The company accepts the benefit of paying half the tax for Gross Income at the flight rate for a period of two years by Cordovan State, while the responsibility for payment will rise to 75 per cent for the following three . Juan Schiaretti's government paid 4000 pesos for the only time for each of the jobs that Flybondi operated in its province. They are direct and indirect subsidies, when it comes to Aerolineas Argentinas, the Government denotes an unfair situation compared to other work.

Flybondi has 550 employees, including pilots, crews, maintenance technicians, mechanics, traffic agents and ramps. Despite the tax benefits, the company shows some financial problems before a contracting market (see separately). Funding financial problems based on the departure of the US Cartesian Capital fund, a fundamental part of the low cost airline contribution of the airline. In the official statement of Flybondi, the company ensures that the changes because the low cost will "focus on new businesses in a more global perspective and the company's current business at a regional level".

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