Sunday , June 20 2021

Discovering cameras set in two airline seats opens new privacy questions on the plane

A viral picture shows cameras behind the seats on American Airlines and Singapore Airlines airplanes have raised questions about privacy on aircraft.
Photo: Sourav Mishra (Pexels)

If you have recently traveled with American Airlines or Singapore Airlines, you may have noticed that there are small cameras under the screen in front of your seat. They are not implemented, and according to the airlines, they were there when they bought the aircraft. Although they do not have any plans to use in the future, their simple presence has raised questions about privacy on aircraft.

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Attendance of cameras, reported by Buzzfeed NewsIt's not something new. In fact, it was published on the Internet about its existence in 2017. However, given the debate about privacy that we have across the world, not the cameras and cameras on both airlines just desirable. They have become viral since they have been published on social networks, with attention Buzzfeed and other methods.

The alarm is due to the fact that the cameras are away, any cameras connected to an Internet connection device are at risk of being hacked. It's obviously more complex to transport a plane than a computer, but the risk is still there.

In a statement to BuzzfeedAmerican Airlines said cameras were common in many entertainment systems used in aircraft. The airline spokesman added that the aircraft maker included the cameras in the design for future potential uses, such as the use of gestures to control the entertainment provided by the airline.

The story comes about American Airlines and Singapore Airlines cameras at a time when many other companies are being criticized for the possible spy of their devices or the possibility of being hacked.

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Recently, Google has not unlocked its customers when their alarm system, Nest, was found "confidential" microphone, as the company had forgotten to tell customers it had installed. In 2017, a company selling smart bears a donkey published two million recordings of parents who interact with their children. A researcher discovered later that stuffing stuff could be hacked easily.

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