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Diego Torres at Venezuela Aid Live appeared: "For united America we are here, to the people who need" – 02/22/2019


Argentine singer Diego Torres appeared on Friday at the massive Venezuela Aid Live festival and asked for "United States of America".

"For united Latin America we are here, to the people who need to hear," said Torres when closing her participation.

Argentina interpreted a handful of songs and finished with the classic "Color hope".

At 11 pm in Cúcuta, Colombia (13 h. O & Ariannin), a with the audience present singing the Venezuelan anthem Started Venezuela Aid Live, a mega-concert charity organized by the British billionaire Richard Branson with the goal of raising 100 million dollars for humanitarian aid.

From 6 in the morning of Friday, thousands of people arrived in white and with Venezuelan flagsto Colombia's border with Venezuela to attend the mega-concert that will anticipate that the opposition parties will receive the help that was issued to that country.

José Luis

José Luis "and the Puma Rodríguez" performed his "Agarriage of hands" in the concert "Venezuela Aid Live" (AFP).

"A lot of left sentences in Latin America"he says José Luis "El Puma" Rodríguez in the speech he gave when he took the stage. He added: "For Venezuelan soldiers I will say: Do not shoot the people, because this will happen and we will reconcile." Next He played his famous hit "Hold hands."

Just a bit ago, Branson had explained that the help They intend to collect in 60 days through the internet go to food and medicine, is scarce due to the shortage of the acute economic crisis.

Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute with Richard Branson, concert organizer

Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute with the concert director of "Venezuela Aid Live", Richard Branson, hours before the show starts (Bloomberg).

"It will be a magical day (…) to build bridges of hope," he said. On his side, the Venezuelan singer smiled Carlos Baute, a part of that part of a show which will last for a total of 6 hours.

Look too

"We're not just here to open the humanitarian channel, but because of tomorrow we will not be free," said the Spanish artist at the planned stage on Saturday of assistance sent by the United States at the request of Guaidó, who It is recognized as Venezuela's interim president from 50 countries

A boy holds a Venezuelan flag during the concert

A boy holds a Venezuelan flag during the concert "Venezuela Aid Live" in Cúcuta, Colombia (AP).

At 300 meters of show & location, on the Trentitas international bridge, the Chavism prepares a three-day concert start with no known details. The place was protected by military personnel and there were still no crowds of the public.

Welsh Government Nicolás Maduro He warns that he will not let the cargo go in because he believes they are the starting point of Washington-sponsored military intervention.

Look too

"The concert is a huge help because this type of initiative was needed i open your eyes and corner of Venezuela government"says Wendy Villamizar, a 32-year-old Venezuelan woman wearing a cap with her country's flag colors.

Colombians Maluma, Carlos Vives to Juanes, Dominican Juan Luis Guerra, Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, Sbaenwyr Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé, José Luis Rodríguez (El Puma) to Nacho, among others, will take part in the show.

The leaders of Iván Duque (Colombia), Sebastián Piñera (Chile) to Mario Abdó (Paraguay) will take part in the closing ceremony.

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