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Diego Maradona ran out of the chain and destroyed the Conmebol: "They're a football test" – 11/29/2018


From a distance, and at a time his Dorado de Sinaloa disagrees first for the final promotion in Mexico, Diego Maradona has criticized Conmebol's decision hard to finalize the Libertadores Copa in Madrid, ten thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires.

"I want to say this Alejandro Domínguez what's the fuck that I have to see if my family wants to go to see the Boca-River game and I have to take her to Madrid. What are we all at Macri? "The trainer started in audio sent to Radio La Red.

And he continued: "Do you know what those costs are? Then they say there is no money to pay Martino, they did not pay Bauza … But a maiden's son. Put security and do it in Velez. They're screaming football ",

"They are not trained for the job, crazy, do not hear me that Dominguez is going to talk about football in the world. Do not tell me that Chiqui Tapia, who has more volumes or Porcel fat, is going to talk about football"Maradona assaulted.

He also sent a message to the River. "That river is no longer fuck with the pepper gas from 2015. The mouse at that time closes the donkey. So you will not insist, "he added, adding:" I'm very hot, I'm telling the men of the River and Gallardo that there's a situation to live in the flesh. Yfory when they go to Boca, how are they going to do to get in? "

Maradona had already expressed herself through her Instagram account. "I hope that Conmebol will act in a serious way and give the title to Boca de la Libertadores.. Beyond my loved ones for the club, there is a regulation that needs to be met, "he said.

On Thursday, two days after the meeting with Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and Daniel Angelici, the Presidents of the Afon and Boca, the Conmebol – through his Disciplinary Court – An economically fine river, the Monumental was punished with two unpublished and redesigned parties the final for Sunday 9 December at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Everything happens is a very important game preview for Diego in Mexico. Dorados de Sinaloa will receive at Atlético de San Luis in Culiacán. The relocation work will be played on Sunday.

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