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Diego Maradona in Argentina, Edda Bustamente inflammation and the crossing between Kämpfer and Moria


21 May, 2019

In her column of shows from Lanata Sin Filtro, Marina Calabró reviewed the hottest subjects of Argentina's entertainment.

Diego Maradona arrives in Argentina! The star will land tonight in the country, with 3 clear objectivess: Operating the left shoulder (for the second time), with Dr Batista; reviewing contractual issues (including Amazon with the biopic); go to Lili, Kitty and Ana, their sweet little sisters. He arrived in a terrible family scandal: Verónica Ojeda arrived last night in Buenos Aires – from Sinaloa-, after a wild discussion with him; and for more than 10 days they have been circulating versions of Dieguito Fernando, which would have created Ojeda's mother's compensation. In parallel, there are versions of a approach between Diego and Rocío Oliva. From the press office of 10 they confirmed them; of Rocío's environment they deny them. Future of Vero and Fernando Dieguito: Reset in Ezeiza and reboot the school and medical treatments here.

Edda Bustamante, furious with panellists "Intruders", has left the apartment! The actress talked about her differences with Flor de la V due to gender issues. However, the interview concluded in a discussion that took her crazy: "They misrepresented their desire to take the program," he criticized Bustamante. "I will have to retire. I can't …", then suggested Edda, while Jorge Rial has intervened to continue in the study. "You're making a stance. You're saying one lol after another, and offending a lot of people," Pallares crossed. At the end of the interview, after greeting Reg, Edda asked "no journalist" to ask him about the issue that created an argument. "All this exceeds me, because I agree with everything and I do not allow discrimination on these two," he said as he referred to Adrián Pallares and Daniel Ambrosino, whom he had contact with which ended with shout and leave the studio.

Massive crossing between Agustina Kampfer and Moria Casán. The former staff member who empoineed referred to her departure from America and to Moria: "It would have been my responsibility to dismiss me from the program. They didn't even mention me. They didn't mention me." because I was disillusioned, they didn't even send me a greeting. It would have been nice – since I came from the first day – to say something, but, certainly, someone asked him not to say anything "To what extent, the One raised the glove on Twitter:" Hello queen, I can't believe that in a program of El Trece still remember 'Wrong. If you think I obey to orders, you would not have received a picture with me giving us a kiss in the mouth.What happens is that they took so many holidays that I thought you were going away again, not that they were You are disillusioned, no one is essential.You are vegetarian and you have to work with WHEN, ha! I did yoga. Juan Kisses, your love and; d mom. Heavy treasure. "

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