Saturday , June 25 2022

Despite the crisis, loans rose online without a break


The finishing of online loans enrolled this year is increasing demand but they were still careful in their bid for the economic volatility and greater injustice, while waiting next year will be an improvement and they intend to launch new products. "One slows down or accelerates according to macroeconomic, and now we see a risk due to a default context," he said. Ezequiel Weisstaub, CEO and co-founder of Credicuotas, member of the BIND Group.

However, the business said: "We believe there is a great opportunity for what financial technology is in Argentina." Therefore, Credicuotas expects to triple its customer base by 2019 and its investment portfolio grew 7 times since 2016. "We expect everything to improve when the macro starts to calm down, lower rates and redundancy and the suspicion of employment, "he said.

Facundo Vázquez, the company's director and CEO of the BIND Group, said: "The crisis does not represent a better opportunity. If one looked at late payments in 2001, it did not give more lending . The same thing at the moment we are not even near that 2001 ".

In accordance with these statements, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, co-founder of Monte Fintech, recognizes that the company "has been growing every year multiplied by 3" and this year will grow a little less. "Not just about demand but more about precautions in the face of the situation in Argentina and to finish understanding if the real economy will have an impact on injustice," he explained.

In this regard, he said that overall crime increased to percentage levels and in the case of Moni lower than in the financial system. "We launched a trust with 100% digital assets and in May, this market dropped considerably, very few trusts are available since the start of instability," stressed Bruzzo.

On the other hand, Alberto García CEO Crédito Directo, who specialized in consumer loans through shops, chains and motorcycle agencies, said: "We've seen a significant brake for consumption since mid year, as well as a systemic increase in an offense due to a current situation". However, he ensured that the forecasts for 2019 were favorable, and estimated that the use would begin to be restored by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

"For this reason, we are working hard to continue to co-operate with the businesses and agencies, our strategic partners, and launch our B2C digital platform, with & # 39; The aim is to attract customers who are searching for an alternative, simple, competitive and personal choice, "he said. .

The local surgery

Meanwhile, the Argentine delegate of the finite Vivus, Salvador Calogero, that the year is very good and that the company has grown 90% in the loan amount and 60% in the volume level.

"The demand is very good, but the macroeconomic situation addresses us about the fact that we have foreign investors. For them it's important to have a macro context stable, "he said.

In this regard, he ensured that the group continues to give up the local operation and currently gives a maximum of 12,000 pesos to 30 days but in March, & # 39; Given the launch of quota operations, as an improvement is expected in the situation. "We have more demand because other channels have closed, market players are breaking up for interest rates. Vivus has money from his foreign shareholder," he said.

And came to the conclusion: "the position is that next year will improve. So, we are working to create more partners we can supplement what we can connect to the client in the longer term, such as pre-paid and secure. "(Télam)

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