Friday , November 27 2020

Describe the son of Federica Pais from one of the …

Dante Casermeiro, the son of Federica Pais, was disconnected from one of the incentive events. He was confirmed that he had no connection with alleged robbery in Martinez that he was accused, but was also released and continued to be retained for his conviction in other offenses. Meanwhile, the Federal Asperger Union announced a statement criticizing the case, as Casermeiro's brother was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Casermeriro and Octavio Laje, who was arrested last Sunday, had found a set of keys to a house in Martinez, who said his owner was theft.

The woman testified before the police and told Laje, Casermeiro was collected from that allegation. Both young men were arrested after a report on stealing motorcycles. The driver's son was carrying a toy's weapon and with Laje kept them to determine his alleged responsibility in a series of robberies carried out in the north. A country expressed during the week, asked for "mercy", explained that the episode whose son is judged is "completely confusing and very different from what appeared in the media" and criticized that journalists uses its name and its image to install a media show around the theme.

The Federal Asperger Union, which includes parents and adults with Asperger, informed him in a statement released from this case that is not ill health, as the media has been reporting, but " condition, diversity within human neuroscience "

The Asperger Society of Argentina syndrome is defined as "a nervous development condition, a variant of development that is consistent with people throughout their life. It influences how they give meaning to & # 39 ; the world, processing information and dealing with others. "

The UFA also said that Federica Pais "had taken part and continued to work with the different Asperger organizations, always helping us spread well". Finally, they made themselves available to the media to "spread the reality of the syndrome and all the surrounding implications".

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