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Dengue: there are 39 provincial cases in the city :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

Nearly all capital cases are inherent, only one trip. They act to prevent and prevent the spread of the disease. 9 cases of leptospirosis and one cause of hahabavirus in the province.

Dengue Ministry of Health's report: there are 39 provincial cases in the city Almost all capital cases are inherent, just one journey. They act to prevent and prevent the spread of the disease. 9 cases of leptospirosis and one cause of hahabavirus in the province. Nearly all capital cases are inherent, only one trip. They act to prevent and prevent the spread of the disease. 9 cases of leptospirosis and one cause of hahabavirus in the province.

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A total of 63 confirmed cases throughout the province were detected from the first confirmed case of dengue throat in the state of Santa Fe, of whom 39 belong to the city of Santa Fe. Only one of the cases shows a travel history, which is the other automatically, have to connect to the index case. 22 other cases were registered in the city of Rosario, two of whom have travel backgrounds; one at Avellaneda and another in Humberto, with travel backgrounds. In all areas, the sanitary agents took the prevention and prevention measures to avoid spreading the disease.

The data from the latest report prepared by the Health Promotion and Prevention Provider Directorate, depending on the Ministry of Health, on the current situation of the current year's februs syndromes, including dengue, hantavirus and leptospirosis, with data have been updated to February 21.

The health authority reports on a daily basis the statistical update of data on diseases with febril syndromes. In this way, 19 new cases of dengue have been found in the entire province during the last week (44) compared to the last report (February 14); while in the city of Santa Fe there were 7 new cases (there were 32).


On the other hand, the Ministry of Health stated that the number of cases of leptospirosis in the province has increased to 9 so far so far; Four cases were found in the last week (up to February 14 they were 5).

And on hantavirus, after the positive case in the city of Esperanza, there have been no positive cases to date.

Recommendations for feverish symptoms

The Provincial Ministry of Health, through the Epidemiology, Veterans and Vector Program program, develops activities in the different health goals, in conjunction with different boroughs and communities, to reinforce population awareness information tasks; to warn health teams and work in the field to prevent illnesses.

For those people with sympathetic symptoms, it is recommended that:

<< Consult promptly and do not self-medication.

<< Apply resist every four to six hours, while the fever stops and turns spinning into your home.

<< Comply with the medical signs and attend control to the nearest center to your home.

<< Stay in your home and do not go to work or make visits until your release. Similarly, restricting visits.

<< Delete home objects that can be a fund for mosquito eggs.

The population is also reminded of the need and the responsibility to take steps to prevent the spread of mosquitoes that transfer dengue. In this sense, it is requested:

<< Do not accumulate litter.

<< Take cans, bottle, tires and any incredible container.

<< Tanks and cover tanks are dangerous.

<< Put buckets, basins and any useful backup container.

<< Always change water from drinkers and animal fasks every three days.

<< Remove water from pot holders and dishes.

<< Keep vegetables and gardens tidy and weeds.

Finally, consultation is recommended early on the start of symptoms; refer the previous tour and / or flood / flood; respecting recommendations and preventative measures; and not self-medication.


For populations that have been flooded, flooded or with activities that come into contact with rock or contaminated water, it is recommended that:

<< Consult the doctor early at the sudden start of high fever, severe headaches and eyes, muscle or joint pain, nausea, vomiting.

<< Consult urgently if breathing difficulty is added to the board.

<< Follow the medical signs and do not self-medication.

<< Avoid connection with fixed water; Use adequate protection measures when working in dangerous areas (shoes and gloves); and patios and gardens cleansing.

<< Shows empty land and covers the holes in the home where creatures can enter.

<< Delete rubbish and debris so that it will not become a shell shelter and place the carbage in containers with tight lids.


It is transmitted by breathing saliva, urine and an infected infected gel. They should consult a doctor who has been exposed to them or an existing travel history to Epuyen or Esquel, or contact sick people with a positive diagnosis and obvious symptoms such as high fever of sudden start, headache, body pain, pain pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

To stop it, it is recommended that:

<< Avoid coexisting with rocks and connecting to their secretions.

<< Prevent bees from entering or nesting in dwellings.

<< Cover holes in doors, walls and pipes.

<< Provide fireplaces and trees to more than 30 meters of houses, and to cut grass and weed up to a radius of 30 meters around the direction.

<< Ventilate closed places, at least 30 minutes before entering, where there may be rabbits (houses, sheds, offices and other places that have remained closed for a period) and use a bleach (well in a bucket of water ) to disinfection It is also the damp wisdom of the floor before sweeping to avoid dust.

<< Before turning fans and / or air conditioners that have not been used for a long time, clean them with bleach water.

<< Camping in open spaces, weeds and clean (authorized camping), using a tent with floor and closing.

<< Deratize before shouting.

<< Performing rural tasks with adequate clothing and footwear protection.

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