Thursday , June 30 2022

Deer attacked a bar at Rosario on Saturday and today he appeared dead


The animal, which had broken into a bowling edge in the Pichincha neighborhood, was found to die today in another sector of Rosario Credit: Twitter

On Saturday, and on an early Sunday, a special event surprised bar parishioners in the village of Pichincha in the city of Rosario: the amazing appearance of the deer, which cut the window window glass, was there for about five minutes, and then went out the door.

The impressive fact was recorded by the bowling safety cameras in question, named Johnny B. Good, located at the crossroads of Boulevard Oroño and Guemes from the city of Santa Fe. For the number of people who were circulated in the vicinity, considering that it was five hours on Sunday morning, the animal's income and the socialization of social networks were addressed.

But what was nice news was sad when the deer who had visited Johnny B. Good died in the Central Bank Rosario area, about 20 blocks of the bar that had gone to small hours and Sunday.

The man responsible for the deer bar into the La Capital newspaper said: "The truth is that I did not understand anything, I was closing A room next to a companion when I saw the deer that appeared walking from Olwynellight, took Oroño and came here. "

"He moved on the entrance to a building that is in front of the bar and knocked his head against the glass door, where he must be scared, because he starts running, broke our bar and enter, "it came to an end. Johnny B. well-connected manager.

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