Thursday , August 11 2022

Deadly defeat by Mariana Fabbiani with "El Diario de Mariana"


The rating became the obsession of several television programs and one of the ones that is suffering from it is Mariana Fabbiani. The conductor of "El Diario de Mariana" returns from your vacation and found a surprising panorama. First the change of his team and the second, the replacement of Vernica Lozano in Telefe, were some of the problems that caused headache for Mariana.

From the beginning of her sptima season on the girl screen, she had more sadness than she was glad, as she lost at the hearing stage and on Tuesday he could barely rescue a tie with "Cort por Lozano", the two cycles reached 6.1 points rating. It seems that the strategy to replace Lozano by Jimena Barn It is giving unexpected results for the ballot channel, since the spontaneity of the participant of Bailando is the position and the program most often seen in its time zone.

But that was not all, on December 20, Fabbiani adds a new frustration, his magazine loses his opponent and marks an unforgettable defeat. DDM reaches 4.9 points, while Barn is crowned with 6.3 rating points, although the victory of Mauro Caiazza's girlfriend was not definitive, since she later lost with Andrea Politti, "Cut and Confeccin" to obtain 6.9.

The scenario is not the best for the conductor of the Trece and at the moment it does not find the frumula of the Xito, something that happened in the last season with: Diego Leuco, Luis Bremer and Carmela Brbaro, all of them disagreed of the cycle, although both seconds were fired in a polymer manner. It should be remembered that 2019 was a year's changes to the cycle, since it completely renovated its panel: I am adding to journalists Gerardo "Tato" Young, Gisela Marziotta, Natasha Niebieskikwiat and Fanny Mandelbaum,

Despite the results of da mircoles, the battle of the first week of competition of Mariana Fabbiani in front of his program continues and it is expected that she put her best proposals to overcome her surprise rival Jimena Barn. Quin win today?

Mir the rating of da mircoles February 20:


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