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Day like today: ephemeris from December 3


December 3, 2018

Yes celebrates Doctor's Day, De La Rúa established the "corralito", and commemorates International Day of People with Disabilities. All this happened more and more on December 3 as today.

Every 3rd December, the Doctor's Day. He is a tribute to the birth of Carlos Juan Finlay Barrés, a doctor who found that an intermediary vector causes the transmission of yellow fever like the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

On December 3, 2001, president of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa announced and the operation of the "Corralito", restrict free disposal of cash, current accounts and savings accounts

It commemorates every 3 December International Day of People with Disabilities.

On December 3, 1969 the Argentine actress was named Nancy Dupláa.

The British musician is one year old Ozzy Osbourne, former leader of the heavy metal band "Black Sabbath".

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