Thursday , May 26 2022

Darbodus? Sol Pérez video after the hard fight with Lourdes Sánchez


The confrontation between Sol Pérez a Lourdes Sánchez It's a burst and the tension climate between the two Dancing figures is unsustainable.

After the dancer argued that the former weather girl wished his son died, and that Sol Perez responded and had never said that phrase, it seems that this fight does not end.

PLEASE MORE: Lourdes Sanchez, Sol Perez, replied about the sayings about his son's death and bleeding alive

Even Marcelo Tinelli wanted to intervene in the discussion and asked to reconcile them. However, at present it is not possible that the conversation and this meeting are possible …

What else happened? In the last hours, Sol Pérez used his twitter account Share a video with you where she is played and referred to as a "girl".

These images made a noise on social networks, following the strong statement that produced the scandal with the dancer, who defends the tweet where Lourdes Sánchez "insisted" the death of his dog.

"For me, my dog ​​is like my daughter, so I do not think it's funny, I did not take part with her son so she does not mess me with", she clarified.

Coincidence or stick for the dancer?

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