Thursday , January 28 2021

Dalma saw Maradona Matías Morla on television and was very angry: "The mess is you"

Matías Morla was in PH, led by Andy Kusnetzoff and referred to the new children of Diego Maradona. He threw a controversial phrase that made Dalma Maradona jump to defend his last name and his father.

"For me, he has to go to Cuba quickly, get his DNA and cut things off, or else he won't introduce," Morla said in Hablar Podemos.

And Andy interrupted: "But what does Diego live with joy?"

"No, not Cuba," said the lawyer. He added: "To the contrary, there's a mess …".

Immediately, the lawyer explained the controversial phrase: "I do not say aggression about the children, but because (Cuba) is a land he has in his life, in terms of the drug, and not his re-living; happy.

After these comments, the older daughter of the star Dalma Maradona, who was a mother of Rome recently, was very angry when her father's solicitor heard on television. At least he said on Twitter. "Liar Chairolit, you are the only dirt!" He wrote moments after Morla's statements.

"I want to talk about your teeth, I couldn't talk about anything else," the actress continued, breathtakingly.

He added: "All these people are making praise of my mom, continuing to walk through the programs, my mother is 1!"

"It doesn't matter what you say because YOU'RE FEELING THAT READY!" He laughed.

After these announcements, one recommended that his followers extinguish the television and replied: "Calm down, I came out, but I'm a fan of your teeth!"

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