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Dalma Maradona’s heartbreaking letter on Diego’s death: “I can’t imagine what my life will be like without you”

Dalma and Diego Maradona, in one of the last pictures together (Instagram)
Dalma and Diego Maradona, in one of the last pictures together (Instagram)

This Friday at noon, having watched his father in the Casa Rosada and buried in a private cemetery in Bella Vista, Dalma Maradona She turned to social networks to leave a warm farewell to Diego. He did it with a picture of the time when The 10 he became an idol of Naples, Italy. It is even seen with the training plumber of Naples and sitting on a ball. In front of him, his oldest daughter was squatting. She is no more than a year and a half old, and has the upper hand: she is about to place her in the middle of her left leg. And at the bottom of the image, the actress set a long text in which she overtakes a poignant phrase: “I put my pieces together and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you … I can’t …”.

His written is Instagram it starts off forcefully. “I was always scared to death, but today I am no longer … Because I know this will be the moment I see you again and embrace you again! I’m missing you already, dad! I’m going to suffer here, without that part of my heart that you took with you yesterday!”. And he continues: “I’m going to love and protect you all my life because Thank you for the shared life! I’m devastated but I’m going to push on! Stay for me there. We go see each otherwhile I’m practicing ‘And how’s it’ like when I see you I could sing again together shouting … Well … you actually sing beautifully and I shout! I love you dad! “.

Diego’s oldest daughter, the fruit of the star’s union with Claudia VillafañeDalma then leaves him in awe. “As you always asked me, I will take care of the Jabru (to her mother) and your favorite tease (her sister Gianinna Maradona), Because you always give me impossible responsibilities as I can remember!”.

Dalma Maradona post dedicated to her father (Instagram)
Dalma Maradona post dedicated to her father (Instagram)

Married to Andrés Caldarelli (Maradona’s absence at her wedding, in those days in Dubai, sparked a major controversy that made them distance themselves) Roma, one year and eight months. “If your granddaughter wants to call you by video call like they did, I’m going to die inside. But rest assured I will say exactly who you were, who you are and who you will be forever! The same, already love you. Because you got that … It didn’t take much to love you …”.

And he concludes: “Here I am, with the best man in the world and a girl who is going to force me to go ahead! Life is a bit off, so see you soon! I’m carrying you daisies to decorate your gamer socks and, please, look at me again with that love you see in the picture! I love you forever! “.

Diego Junior Maradona He also dedicated an emotional letter to his father through social networks: “Father, captain of my heart, you will never die because I will love you until the last breath I get.” The Ten’s eldest son, who began to become closely connected in recent years, left a text full of emotion: “Wait for me and come find you when my time comes because I always wanted you by my side, because a son next to a father is afraid of nothing! Have a good trip 10 from my heart ”.

My son Cristiana Sinagra He could not travel from Italy to Argentina to attend his father because a few days ago he was hospitalized after contracting a coronavirus. Dalma, Gianinna and Claudia Villafañe were in charge of organizing the farewell to the football legend that took place in a burning chapel in the Casa Rosada, the headquarters of the Executive Power in Argentina.

Thousands of people took part, but as hours passed riots and the operation were overflowing due to the awakening, as people climbed the bars to enter Executive Power headquarters and the officers throwing pepper spray at the crowd. There were also incidents in the vicinity of the Casa Rosada. Finally, the family decided to stop the awakening and conduct the funeral procession with a major security operation.

At the private Jardin Bella Vista cemetery, the funeral of the football legend was held with an intimate ceremony attended by a small group of family and friends. There Diego rests in peace with the remains of his parents, Don Diego and Doña Tota, who died in 2015 and 2011, respectively.


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