Monday , January 17 2022

Dagrau Nacha Guevara, Moria Casán and Nora Cárpena during a meditation exercise


Before taking a job Wrongly during the holidays Moria Cánán, The Nacha Guevara He visited the program that the Diva was leading through America. They have a great relationship and she showed them stories and laughter throughout the broadcast last Monday.

Nacha offered to Moria practice reflection where you have to look in the mirror and talk to face. "I'm really used to make friends with you. You have to look at the mirror, but not the character that we all have to interpret. Look at the eyes, the little person who comes with us and has evolved a baby, overcome obstacles, suffering, learning, evolving … ", the singer explained.

"You should go and look at that creature in the eyes, no more, look at what's a beautiful person, how beautiful it is. We must take that time because in this way one is about you and the world. It's not a selfish act, "said Nacha at Moria, who could not stop the tears.

The driver told him: "All of my first experiences with a mirror. That is, the first kiss I gave a mirror, to see how he gave his mouth. I danced in front of the mirror and returned the image I wanted to see. I had never compounded with the mirror. "

"It's not about being self-conscious, but wanting to focus on that look. The truth is that we look 20 times a day in the mirror, but we rarely look ourselves in the eye. Here we always find, inevitably, there be a beautiful man who still wants to do a lot of things ", Says Nacha.

Emotion had already taken over the studio. "When you're able to go inside your own, you will not be mad at you. There's a way of getting your anger out "says Moria. "We're all a mirror for everyone, I want you to look in the eyes and what I'll find is that we are all very similar in the background, here are the costume we use, the characters which we must interpret, but when you go there, that place, you realize that something that connects us all is something deeper than the differences we might have "the singer explained.

The driver was invited Nora Carpena, the panel panellist, to accompany them in the exercise. The actress looked at himself in the mirror and quickly managed to contact what Nacha said.

"Who are you seeing there?" The singer asked. Through tears, he answered, in a low voice: "I see myself ".

"And what would you like to say?" Nacha consulted. "You've done well, life was worthwhile, thanks to you and I going on. Thanks for being always inside, doing strength and trying to come out and be a better person. Maybe one day you'll get it. "

Movable is being moved by what was happening, but Moria managed to say: "I can not believe it ".

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