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Cyber ​​bullying: 367 million customers affected by breaking Starwood hotel chain security


The number of passports and credit card codes of around five hundred customers from a chain Starwood Hotels Across the world, they were captured by a large criminal act of hackers which has affected the security and confidentiality securities of this network that belong to the empori in an important way Marriott since then two years published.

Not: Miami Daily Newspaper

It was explained, exactly, the no luxury chain was affected by steps cyber attackers who have accessed data such as names, post addresses, emails, phones, passport numbers, dates of birth, gender, access and exit information of thousands of affected properties, communication options and credit cards, how much Starwood data is separate from what is used by Marriott

Starwood is a company that is managing in its portfolio conservation system of hotel brands W, St. Regis, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Elements, Aloft Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts, Four Points by Sheraton a Design Hotels. Data that has used parts sharing properties Starwood They are also committed.

Y Attorney General in functions New York, Barbara Underwood, an investigation into the breach of security, which, together with some Yahoo to Experian it has been one of the most up to date. In addition, and by the director of this Office communication, the New York Legislation asking that Marriot We will have notified the agency "at the moment when the gap is discovered but at the moment they have not done so."

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O & #.; R 500 million customers whose data the hackers had access to, 327 million as a result of them strong have affected the cyberspace as they have had an important data combination illegally. For some, that Marriott It has not yet estimated, the card payment numbers and closing data from these.

The numbers are encrypted but Marriot, at this time, can not verify that the two components needed to decrypt these numbers have been compromised and left without protection to the owners of those cards.

Anyone he had done a Order before the last 10 September in the past four years You may have suffered this robbery. On its website, Marriott says that it regrets the situation and advises customers to join WebWatcher. In addition, it asks that clients do not trust all the notifications received in this name's name.

The address they will use for their communication [email protected] and will not include any attachments (appendices) or request any information.

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