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Customs: two highways should no longer lift the barriers when traffic jams – 02/21/2019


Sounding the corn to feed to pass without paying makes more sense. Since this year, I have the obligation raise customs barriers when rows of 150 meters of cars are computed or there are delays of three or more minutes. The decision was taken by the national government, through the National Road Authority. It has reached, at present, the entrances of the North and West. And she went on because the users started feeding the posters on some highways appearing in the doll windows.

"From January 23, point 4.4 of the Comprehensive Renewal Agreement comes into effect, the conditions for that to cancel the obligation to raise barriers due to waiting times at the doll stations, "say the posters that started to be seen in the windows and that those users posted through social networks.

In the networks, there are also user accounts, when they reach the windows, after being kept for more than three minutes, they were asked to repay the money for the delays and they received the response that the measure was not valid now.

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The Government's decision is affecting Access to the North and West, but does not apply either in Buenos Aires-La Plata or in the porteñas 25 de Mayo, Illia to Perito Moreno. It does not include the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway too.

The decision of renegotiation of contracts with concessions and two traffic, which was extended until 2030. The regulations that were managed until January were 2000.

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"What has to be established from now on is that the concession forced to produce fluency, but no longer with the steps to lift the blockage; From now on, he must implement very effective measures, namely adding cabins and telepase. The goal is to be accessible and increasingly with more users, "said the sources consulted Clarin. They added: "The contract states that, if it deals with issues that affect road safety, they must remove the obstruction."

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