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Curiosity Rover Just Spotted The Awesome Objects On Mars


An unusual Martian rock is smooth and reflective has caught the attention of NASA scientists, encouraging the investigation of the Sexual Ashamed. With the wonderful spectacular landing of the InSight explorer on Mars earlier this week, our attention has been understandably understandable from Curiosity, who has been investigating Red Planet since 2012.

Although we've been hiding over InSight, the NASA six-wheel NASA robbery has been working in Vera Rubin Ridge, investigating the topfield top, a unique piece of brownfield.

There has been curiosity on the front of Highfield drilling site, but NASA's mission managers wanted to look at four previously discovered rocks – including unusual smooth rocks, which, at least black and white, looked like to pieces of gold.

Instant apologies are that the Little Colonsay, Little Colonsay rock, is a meteor, but NASA scientists will not know sure until Curiosity is performing a chemical analysis. ChemCam rover, which includes camera, spectromgraph, and laser offers the space and space chemistry laboratory.

That curiosity may have turned on a meteorite not surprisingly. The rootter has drawn many such objects over the period of his journeys, including a massive metal meteorite in 2015 and a glossy nicel iron meteor for the following year.

Other interesting objects discovered by Curiosity include a seemingly outside object, a shaped, smooth object, which is turned out into a piece of plastic wrap that fell from the roaming, and a perfect spherical, It is determined to be the product of a natural geological process of the name concretion.

The incredible event occurred in 2013, when Curiosity saw squirrels that were very similar to squirrels – a classic example of pareidolia, an optical type of lith where faces, animals or everyday objects are projected on incentives or sincere media .

Anyhoo, Ruthin Shakespeare, will also investigate a rock of the name Flanders Moss, who won his name because of his dark colored coat. Again, NASA will not know more about this object until Curiosity analyzes a sample after drilling. Two other rocks, Forres and Eidon, will also be explored before Belly Curiosity at the Highfield site.

Unfortunately, curiosity is the only mobile carrier on Mars at the moment. His compatriot, the Opportunity rover, has been out of commission because a storm storm was forced into hibernation, sleeping as he could not deviate him. NASA has not stated that the mission has been dead yet, but we should know more about Cyfle status early next year.

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