Tuesday , October 4 2022

Cuban surgeon performs an incredible face transplant for a young man in the United States that is already considered a milestone in modern medical history (+ Pictures)


The Cuban-American surgeon, Eduardo D. Rodríguez, was today's news when the result of a face transplant was published, and he led a team of experts who gave him a reason to live for Cameron American Young Cameron.

Rodriguez, who lives in New York, performed a successful surgery on Underwood, whose face was completely abolished a few years ago after being shot by a rifle.

Although the face transplant takes place at the beginning of the year, not until this week the results of remarkable operations became public, becoming the focus of medicine in the world.

Cuban-American Surgeon Eduardo D. Rodríguez

Underwoord's grandchildren began just over two years ago, when the young man destroyed a large part of a face with a self-cut shot.

The traumatic injuries suffered caused by Underwood to lose a lot of lower chin and only his nose and nose was well-known on his face. The rest suffered serious damage to the upper part of the surface and even even the loss of the party.

In 2017, just after a year after the injury suffered, Cuban countries surgeon Eduardo D. Rodríguez became interested in his case and asked him to travel to New York to evaluate the possibility of a transplant.

Cameron Underwood in May 2015, before his face injuries.

However, basic contact was missing: Where was the donor who would give his face to Underwood?

William Fisher, a 23-year-old American who ended unexpectedly, became a hero after an unexpected death.

His family's decision, though sad, was brave: his son would be Underwood's surface and face tissue donor.

Donor William Fisher

The surgery took place on 5 January this year, a difficult medical challenge requiring more than 100 Rodriguez-led healthcare professionals and more than 25 hours to complete.

Sub-surface transplantation established a number of medical milestones in history: the longest distance traveled for a surface transplant, with 2,800 miles; the shorter period in the US from the initial injury to the completion of a transplant; one of the shortest waiting times for a donor (six months); And the first to use 3D print to build a donor face mask, which the doctors provide to the family of Fisher.

Cameron Underwood before his face surgery and 11 months after transplantation.

One month later, Underwood's surgery has become a success because its body has not rejected the transplant.

In closing Underwood's medical odyssey, Rodriguez said: "Life that has been stopped is now at stake again."

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