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Cristina Kirchner's defense appeals for the failure of notebooks and bribes: "Unfortunately" – 12/21/2018


Lawyer of the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Carlos Beraldi, today will appeal on the House's ruling that confirmed the prosecution of Parliament K as the head of an illegal society to collect bribes of public work.

"We're going to appeal to the Cassation to the chamber's ruling," said the lawyer on the decision made yesterday in the framework for the casebooks of allied notes held by Judge Claudio Bonadio. "The Chamber's ruling is unfortunately," he said, announcing that they will "appeal to other cases."

In conversation with Radio El Destape, Beraldi Beraldi said that "the Chamber's ruling was politically" and "she has no legal content." He also emphasized that there is no single test against Cristina Kirchner. "

"We will appeal to Casio House the House's ruling on prosecution of Cristina Kirchner in the case of photocopies of notebooks," he repeated. And he stressed that "in oral trials, the cause of the notebooks will not be able to include them as they try to do so"

Unidad Ciudadana's leader defense lawyer also gave a warning: "Do not be happy when Macri is asked to question, because nothing good will come out of this justice," he said.

"The answer to this is politics, people have to work for independent justice," he came to the conclusion.

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