Thursday , August 11 2022

Crisis and separation | scandal


Diego Maradona and Verónica Ojeda were shot in a strong fight and returned to Buenos Aires.

After Verónica Ojeda assembled the luggage and went to live in Mexico so that his son Dieguito Fernando would be celebrating a birthday with Diego Maradona, cyclist versions began that the blonde would have left the football player and the just a few hours return to the country.

In the Involucrados program, Luis Ventura was responsible for saying what happened with the couple: "Having already confirmed Verónica Ojeda to Diego Maradona in a deep crisis. They had a great battle for some aspects that Ten had get in Mexico, some habits that she does not digest, including champagne. Finally, Veronica said she was going back to Buenos Aires and, unless someone stopped her on the road, there's a # 39; n return with Fernando Dieguito on the next tour to Argentina. "

Was there excess ?: Ventura revealed that they had a great battle for some Diego aspects.


He also explained that the rumors were exploding when Lili, one of the sisters of the Dorados coach who had Bethlehem's daughter, told the rest of the family to say: "Red warning, Diego is alone and in crisis." As he passed, he defeated his team very badly and if Veronica was leaving, he was left alone with his employees.

Anger: There are some habits of the Ten that Ojeda does not tolerate, such as the use of champagne.

On the other hand, the entertainment journalist said that the former football player was tired of the movements that his ex-partner, Rocío Oliva, did in the country and that would have added to the family crisis and produced in Sinaloa.

The stunning thing is that Ojeda yesterday posted pictures of his son Diego's gift on his social networks. "I want to share the first picture made by Dieguito Fernando to his father," he drew the image on the image and the possibility that more than 290 thousand followers could comment on the post.


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