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Cris Morena's Revenge about the death of her Romina Yan daughter – 12/19/2018


Cris Morena He moved with revelation about his daughter's death Romina Yan, in September 2010.

Cris Morena He made his revelation "Morfi"(Telefe), a bike she was invited to talk about releasing the album with the songs played in her Roes Live, The show with recalling unity goals made in Gran Rex in homage Romina, 8 years after his death.

The chat is "Morfi"It disappeared from one subject to another and at a certain time, Cris Morena He reported a very strong experience she had one month before her death Romina Yan and that, somehow, made him feel in advance the drama that happened.

To explain the deep relationship with her Romina and the way in which mother instincts sometimes predict what will come, Cris Morena he says Damián de Santo, who was a co-worker and a personal friend Romina Yan: "I Romina, I made a theme for her wedding and said things that happened ten years later: Romina, the chosen soul, Romina to give life, Romina, your light is me …" That was years ago. because Romina He left the program ("Chiquititas", where Belén played) and all that had to be done with Romina, our angel, do not let us go. But, in fact, did you see that a mother had something inside? Mothers will know how to understand, that the soul knows from before, because the soul places it elsewhere. And the mother, mother, knows"

Stock Image Romina Yan's mother Cris Morena.

Stock Image Romina Yan's mother Cris Morena.

Excited by what he had just heard, Damián de Santo asked Cris Morena: "Did you feel before Romi passed something strange?".

He replied yesterday and made a very close confession: "(During) I wrote all things of death throughout the year, and it was one of the best years of work … But it was not the feeling (I was experiencing it ) Romina and with Tomás (Yankelevich, his son), he felt I was dead and I did not understand why. "

At that point, Cris Morena He decided to speak openly: "I'm going to tell you something I do not think I count." My children met with a psychologist Before a month before Ro, I was in the theater and before Mac Mac died. We were in the theater and died suddenly, almost dead, I said: "This is this. But then I said: This is not the worst thing that would happen. And Macana died a month earlier than Romina, well, too, suddenly. "

Having excited by the memory, Cris Morena He continued to say what happened at the meeting that organized his children with a Welsh psychologist Romina. "At the meeting with the psychologist, Romina was very far back, very angry," he said, "Do you want to kill yourself, Mama, because you're working as an animal, do not realize? " I looked at her and said "no," but she would tell me: "If you want to kill yourself, make the decision, if you want to kill yourself." Look at the subject, what was a month before … ".

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