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Costs, security and role of the captain: the conflicts of cruise ships in the port of Buenos Aires, under the eyes of experts


Given one of the most controversial facts about the operation of this real real-time guest in the metropolitan port The possibility that cruise ships need to be recorded or removed from the port by one pulling pan and not with two, as it happens with the rest of the ships.

Indeed, current legislation – which dates from 1992 and amended in 2002 – states that, under certain conditions, ships have been equipped with them bow campaign (lateral propellers in its arch) can exclude the use of one of the two stolenies that are normally required to enter the main port of the country. The standard sets all the requirements comprehensively to the ship that they must be given for the exemption to operate.

Having seen from the side of the shipping entrepreneurs, the significant savings of money generated by eliminating a partially expensive service such as drawing it's more fair, as the modern equipment of these ships gives them an excellent maneuverability. In the opposite, owners of lending companies of the withdrawal service argues that You can not think of financial savings when security suffers.

Despite this business request, those who have much to say about it are captains and pilots (professionals who advise the captain when navigating through channels or in port facilities) which, in short, are those who practice the art of navigation and their safety and crew and passengers on board.

Infobae He consulted a number of navigational professionals not only for this particular accident, but also for operating conditions and the metropolitan port.

And the captain overseas Marcelo Covelli (senior officer of the Argentine Navy and former officer of the Traffic Management Center, Rio de la Plata, the President of Maenol) explains this collision: "Removal of these vessels with crossing conditions is very complicated and Previous planning qualities agreed between the captain and the pilot. In the video it is appreciated that the direction the smoke of the chimney raises the wind tends to take the ship that flies towards the address of the embedded ship another. Remember that these ships can have a windfall surface of almost 14,000 m2, where the wind gives great pressure that drives, to resist that pressure the pilot use it In this case, as these ships have transformational propellers in the arch, they are authorized to take only a withdrawal fire unless the captain does not want to use this exemption. "

"However," says Covelli, "if the lateral forces produced by the pulling pan and the contraceptive propellers on the arch do not counteract the action of the wind, a force that will smell the ship can be created, this would be its time is created to be reacted by creating an evolutionary momentum opposite the powder and the main machine. These vessels have instruments that measure the lateral velocity of the arch and the angular speed and angular velocity of the ship in & # 39;. They also have computers that show on the shipbuilder's electronic flight resolution chart. The Prefecture is responsible for discovering the causes of the board: there may have been communication problems between those who gave, received and carried out the orders or equipment of the ship. "

It is worth remembering that, although the local regulations insist that captains of these ships receive pilot services during their transportation through the access channels to the port of Buenos Aires as well as a pilot for moving the ship. Once inside the port and until the ship is completely open, these professionals are only advisers. The authority and responsibility will always be the captain, who can even ignore his recommendations, clearly assume civil and even criminal liabilities that may correspond to an accident as a result.

One of the most obvious addresses of the metropolitan port pilot schemes: "When we talk about cost against security, we must understand that who wants to save money at all costs is the owner of the ship, not the captain. If it were for captains and pilots, the ships would always have the maximum number of vehicles, they would always sail during the day and with the highest possible tide. But that is a utopia, we must use a reasonable balance to make the potential of a cost-benefit equation required by the shipping company, without this meaning giving the ship or the crew at risk. "

With more than 30 years of profession on their backs, it states: "Buenos Aires port is not an easy port, it has been designed in the last century and has not modernized, today it is We have ships of almost 400 meters long (length) and 50 wide (sleeves). Sometimes the regulation authorizes us to use three trailers, but we can not as there is no space to give. There is also a need to emphasize that we have to try to suspend the claim from the labor vessels several times to introduce adjustments to the regulations prepared by and prepared by the Prefecture Naval Argentina. "

Finally, the pilot recalls: "Usually, cruise captains are reluctant to let the pilot handle the port access or move out. Since they have made many trips long-term for ten or fifteen days they return, they rarely receive a specific sign. This is not unlawful at all, your right is to handle your ship as you can. "

On the other hand, the overseas captain and the Rio de la Plata pilot Gustavo Tomasevich states: "The port of Buenos Aires is a port that is so limited in its dimensions that make its pilots as professionals of excellence."

And he adds a curious fact when he says "in the waters of our port, there is a lot of rubbish – especially truck covers – that by floating in the middle of the water and many times when the bow campaign (bow burners) is absorbed by these mechanisms that can be locked and turned the dangerous movement. "

Not appealing to his or her status as a pilot or Rio de la Plata pilot, give details of what's happening for example at weekends. "There are many times at the outside harbor and in the middle of the access / out channel, which we must necessarily sail to get enough water depth, we find fun ships that are being Stop because of a lack of wind or other circumstances and they are real barriers to steering. In addition, the waters are still, there is no visible amount of what we can be about to take in. That's why, in my opinion, the punching knife is an undesirable support for moving in safely. "

It's important to point out that the role of the Port Aires Port Administration, today led Gonzalo Mórtola. Although it is responsible for ensuring that the different port terminals are implemented, there is a co-ordination of dredging and transraction tasks in the neighboring waters and managing the port concession system generally, it does not interfere with the issues that & Part of the security of the port. the steering, which in all cases is in the hands of the Argentine Naval Fact.

As in every "navigation event", the PNA, once it comes to know about an accident like the one that happened on Wednesday, starts the corresponding summary cases. The prefect is the only police authority in the country with powers to impose administrative penalties on personnel that are on board. The fines vary from the warning to remove the professional qualification smoothly and clearly. If, as a result of a brief investigation, the conclusion was concluded that there may be a criminal obligation, the maritime authority turns the case to the federal justice system.

There are also Administrative Navigation Court That depends on the Argentine Navy, but currently there are no cases under treatment. In the same way and of recent marine tragedies that have taken place on board fishing vessels, the Ministry of Transport seeks to establish a maritime accident investigation board. But at the moment he has not been able to comply.

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