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Corruption assets: now the alternative PJ is trying to get rid of the K – 21/02/2019


The panperonismo on Tuesday merged in rejecting the decree of necessity and urgency Mauricio Macri who implanted the disappear parth in that way.

Although deputies and parliamentators of the opposition in the Bameameral and Legislative Procedure they were under the argument of "inconsistency" that DNU and the "subjugation" that assumed to Senedd's functions, they were under an uncomfortable situation: o Change, we navigated to whip they are "Facilitate the penalty from the corrupt", as the head of the official collision in Deputies said, Mario Negri.

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O & CC, the party Elisa Carrió, his president Maximiliano Ferraro and other leaders expressed that they will not allow "the Peronism (Sergio) Massa, Cristina (Kirchner) and (Juan Manuel) Urtubey in all their versions giving barriers to the recovery of theft."

Unconstitutional or not, the truth is that the Executive is being abolished political advantage with a decree, and the opposition defines how to recover the venture. Different slopes of Peronism could be separated.

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For Kirchnerism, it seems to be the priority the refusal in the full sessions of both cameras Immediately, the DNU is still valid. In this sense, the president of the bicameral and who broke in favor of the majority rejected opposition, the campistist Marcos Cleto, they will be prompted to bring the DNU to the site as soon as possible, i turn her.

But the head of the Massista block in Deputies, Graciela Camaño, he said Clarin they will ask at the beginning of the ordinary ones Special session to convert a domain termination project into law. This was approved in Parliament on August 22, with many changes to the original text that had a half term sanction in Deputies in October 2016 – based on an initiative by Camaño and Sergio Massa. Deputies should accept the changes, or require their text as an Origin House.

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Camaño and Government rose: "There is a dirty movement from treating public opinion with this issue. They do not want the law because they have their people with judicial problems, "he said.

And salteano Pablo Kosiner, the main war of Federal Argentinean's Deputies, He confirmed that they will go for the special session: "The DNU does not support itself constitutionally, we want law and we will show them what can be done, respect the Congress." Kosiner did not hide anger in their ranks with the Government: "If they want to collapse the bridges, then they're, we're not the worst when we went with the Budget, the government".

Kosiner spoke to the senator Rodolfo Urtubey. Does that not stop it, there is still no unified situation about whether to accept the changes made by Peronism – together with Christian Democracy – in Parliament, sets the dysfunction to the criminal sentence and so it is not retrospective to the K years; or insist on the average penalty of Deputies, which locates the disappearance stages in the Civil Justice without waiting for legal cases for pollution that never comes to season or takes an average of 14 years.

Kosiner investigated the possibility of Urtubey new text It was agreed, which has "fast in a week" approval in both Chambers. It also happens that there is a wide criticism of text that voted Deputies in 2016.

After that, in the bicameral the parliament voted salteña Cristina Fiore The majority turned to refusal DNU Macri, Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey, In this line, he explained that "we must endorse the termination of ownership, but we must do well. The Constitution prohibits doing so by decree. We must distribute the law of Congress," he said on Twitter.

On a tour of the Santiago del Estero campaign, Massa also held that they would demand a "stimulus to the law of the disappearance of a zone", which he was the author.

If Massismo and Peronism do not require handling the bill, we will have to see the Cambiemos strategy, which also has your own agenda, in a complex electoral year where Congress is already the location of the fight for the continuity or succession of the power.

In schemes of the officialism they return to be, among others, the projects for fight the "bravas barras", fund political campaigns and the new young criminal system that includes the 15-year reduction in unreliability.

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