Friday , August 12 2022

Correntino traveled to Iguazú and would now be the second cause of dengue


Ministry of State Health Corrientes blocked a vector against the likely cause of dengue in the Bañado Norte area of ​​the Corrientes capital. The first laboratory test was positive and, if another test is confirmed, this is the second one so far this year.

He is a 72-year-old man with a history of a trip to Puerto Iguazú, so he is deemed to have contracted the disease there. The patient is evolving well, secured by Public Health.

The Central Central Laboratory stated that the first sample was positive for this pathology.

The General Directorate of Epidemiology said that the patient had received the corresponding care and is under follow-up, in good health.

The vector block contains fake control and larvae in the case area. We work in nine blocks around the patient's home. He also reminded the family's epidemiologists of the prevention measures to take into account.

Health said he was diagnosed as a likely case when he was clinically compatible with pathology. Having had a first laboratory study as a positive result, followed by a second analysis after fifteen days. The corresponding actions are carried out immediately after the result of the first sample.

"The most effective measure for prevention is to eliminate all the objects that serve as mosquito breeding sites and also to avoid their bites with resistance," he said from the State Epidemiology.

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