Friday , September 24 2021

Coronavirus in Santiago del Estero: no deaths reported and 52 new infections confirmed


In the last 24 hours, in Santiago del Estero they were confirmed 52 new coronavirus infections and 63 discharged patients. In addition, the Ministry of Health noted that no deaths were reported.

Since the pandemic began, the province has added 166 deaths, 14,615 cases Y. 7,879 were recovered. 6,570 positives remain active.

On the other hand, based on 249 samples maintained, the new infected belong 30 to Santiago-Banda and 22 to the interior: Forres 4; Cold 4; Herrera 3; Quimili 1; Rapelli 1; Amount 1; Rio Hondo Hot Springs 8.

197 cases were ruled out today, so 47,681 cases have been ruled out so far.

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