Wednesday , September 28 2022

Cordovan leader of the PRO died in an accident on Route 9 | News instantly from


Maria Silvia Canale, who is responsible for PAMI Móvil and the leader of the PRO in Córdoba, died in a car crash in km 576 of route 9, which connects to the provincial capital with Rosario, informing regional sources today.

The accident happened last night when there was Honda Civic where Canale traveled as a companion confusing and leaving the highway under heavy rain, detailing Telam the source.

PRO Córdoba was in mourning for the death of the leader, who was 46 years old. "She was a very young girl," he said.

Canale, who was PAMI Mobile's local manager and the agency's relationship with retirement centers, had taken part in a labor meeting in the town of Marcos Juárez, in the east of the province, about 250 kilometers from the capital and he traveled to Córdoba, where he lived.

After leaving the asphalt folder, the car was accidental to the drainage channel built with cement structure and the effect caused Canale's death.

The driver of the vehicle, Alejandro Giampieri, suffered injuries but was out of danger, according to medical sources.

Only at midday they completed the formalities prosecuted Villa Maria, so that the remains of Canale begin to be examined this afternoon at a funeral home on Yrigoyen 500 Avenue, in the heart of the Cordoba capital.


The party's sources said the wake had to be arranged at Spostin's house in Yrigoyen 510 after 18.

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