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COPD, a growing disease, where prevention is crucial – Télam


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease World Day is celebrated on November 21, which is known by its acronym -EPOC-, the pathology the World Health Organization predicts is one of the most important causes of death in the world. .

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the overlap of two diseases: chronic bronchitis and emphysema, although a large part of patients suffering from severe asthma can develop COPD.

On 7 November, the COPD International Conference was held at the University of the Temple, in Philadelphia, United States, where world experts introduced the new recommendations for treating this disease.

In a conversation with Telam, the doctor and researcher specializing in Argentina's respiratory diseases, Néstor Molfino, who ended over a decade ago in the United States – who took part in this congress the developments in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

According to Molfino, COPD was divided into both groups of chronic bronchitis and emphysema groups – then, in 2006, emphasis was placed on measuring the patient's lung capacity through the study of the sperm name, with the years' brother and with # 39; The research developments are that there are major changes in the recommendations in 2011, especially trying to try and concentrate the treatment in a more personal way. "The expert also noted that patients can be split into two large groups: Those with symptoms that lead to cough, expectation and in particular a lack of air-breath, or those patients who, as well as suffering from the symptoms, suffer serious massacres during the year period, mainly predominantly during the winter season, the procedure will vary according to the group that the patient belongs to or may also be in both groups.

In 2017, the need for more personalized treatment was established in those patients with acute aggravated COPD, leading to repetitive hospitals with an increase in deaths. Symptoms are also important because they are aggravating quality of life "

What is set out in the patient treatments framework, as indicated by Dr. Molfino is: "By 2019 they have identified what they have been called for" patient groups that can be treated "can be discriminated against, in those who suffer Many symptoms such as breathlessness, which are being treated by one or two functional bronchodilators and those with incidence of blood marks such as eosinophiles – a group of white blood cells – which has more incentive to acute aggravation, these patients respond to treatments with respiratory corticosteroids they receive apart from bronchodilators, known as triple therapy ".

Molfino notes that the increase in cases has been reported in women who are exposed to the continuous breathing of gases caused by the combustion of organic materials, either because they use them to cook or heat materials such as firewood , the increase of children with severe respiratory infections because they tend to have women in these areas with poor or poor ventilation. That is, it was believed that the case was only the habit of smoking cigarettes, but so there is domestic pollution, especially in less-resourced countries.

According to the experts, it should be remembered that it is an increasing, life-threatening disease, in severe periods of the symptoms leading to a reduction in the quality of life of the patient who invalidate in their everyday activities.

1-Doctor Néstor Molfino graduated as a doctor born at the National University of Rosario and specialized in respiratory diseases in the city of Buenos Aires- Then he continued his specialty in lung physiology and with a masters degree in immunogenetics at the University of Toronto, Canada where he was a teacher also practiced his medical profession. Currently working in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of new molecules that favor the life of patients with respiratory diseases, especially asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), after several years of work in San Francisco, California. Living in Washington DC.

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