Wednesday , June 29 2022

Contemporary outdoor music charm


Theatr Colón offered his final year concert at El Rosedal, gathering in the gardens various generations associated with the same taste: classical music and an interest in enjoying green spaces.

From the beginning and early, the public had regard to the circumstances of the platform: parties are also being held outdoors. Then, after 19:00, the show began with the Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón Advanced Art Institute, directed by Ezequiel Silberstein.

They opened their report with Overture of El Barbero de Sevilla, and then played a selection of Peer Gynt number 1 series and contacting another selection of works by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In that final section, the public, at all, expressed special attention to The Nutcracker.

With the audience that has already been held by classical music, the Choir Stable, directed by Miguel Martínez, and the Staatro Orchestra, led by Enrique Arturo Diemecke, appeared to offer the main show of the night. Not only does Diemecke stand out for his music knowledge, obviously; but it also becomes a notable figure for the show because of its ability to interact and generate empathy with the audience.

The proposed repertoire brought together authors such as Johann Strauss (son), Franz Lehar, Guiseppe Verdi and Ludwig Vab Beethoven, listening to attention and complexity while the moon set in the air to accompany last night of a second. Applause and melodies have been assembled among El Rosedal's trees, as a foreword to the celebrations and the next future statement: music will always be present.

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