Saturday , May 28 2022

Conmebol is guilty, the hand of Grondona, refers to Boca and paramilitary marks


The 910 Fantino driver was struggling to start the program and editorially. However, he finally started: "It's really in a day like we never live"

Once the editorial began, Alejandro Fantino remembered his saying that Argentina's football had finished since the time of Grondona. At the same time it was difficult with the Conmebol. "Conmebol is the first major penalty for everyone, if it had been serious that you could not leave the game in the Angelici or Onofrio decision", he said.

On the other hand for the former president of the AFA, he said he started mafias in the field of Argentina football. "I'm drinking all the stairs left by Grondona, they are culturally gnons, we went to the bar – a culture"he says

Referring to the game, Alejandro Fantino said that the game should not be played. "You could not play the game, Angelici did what he must do"he added. It also maintains that Boca should receive points of this game, "I want the regulation to be applied".

He also admitted that "Gaining a Cup with a man who almost loses his eye to me does not add anything".

"Our protest may not be to save our football not to celebrate." So He closed his column with a message in the case that Boca fits the points

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