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Conflict with the team of forensic anthropologists | Chronic


Why? Luciano Bugner

The continuation of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) is at risk. A debt of around 12 million pesos was enforcing the EAAF "stopped its activities because the State did not give it the agreed money", they said in a statement. However, in the middle of cross-references, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights said "He has complied with the first installment. "

Around 60 people – between Buenos Aires offices and forensic genetics laboratories that have located in Córdoba – live in uncertainty. "The money has not to deposit ", repeat by the EAAF. In communication with Chronic, Anthropologists warned that "If it does not appear before the end of the year, the project falls"

He added that "The State has not released the money that corresponds to the work already done during 2018. " The letter that was spread – and quickly arrived at Casa Rosada – declaring that the work "It is a great deal of thanks, thanks to a cooperation agreement and financial assistance, with the national Ministry of Justice, through the Secretariat of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism. "

The amount amounts to one million pesos a month, and the last deposited by the government last year. According to the team, some officers even told them that the State "can only turn half the money ". "We would like to know if the budget for next year will be equal to or more than this year", had previously sentenced.

In any case, by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – led portfolios Germán Garavano- they said that "paid the first installment payment". In response, anthropologists recall that "the agreement is for a total, not in installments " and that "it really adapts half ".

According to Justice, the cooperation agreement and financial assistance with the EAAF were recorded on the 30th October, 2018, to perform forensic identification work. The actions on this agreement were initiated, in the Human Rights Secretariat on August 29 and two payments were forecasted of 10,091,205 pesos.

Transfer of the second installment is subject to surrender and approval of previous installment expenses. In the letter disclosed to the media, the organizational member and executive director of the EAAF, Luis Fondebrider, he emphasized that the anthropology team "It is completely independent in its work, based on its scientific criteria. We have specialist personnel, operating expenses and supplies that must be included and we are not in a position to do so without those funds. It is very sensitive because it affects family expectations and that the work has already started. "

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