Saturday , July 2 2022

Conflict in the door by an important figure of Boca: "If this is not the best payment on campus, it's going"


Nahitan Nández He is one of the best-standing players despite the defeat in the Libertadores Copa Final against the River. Horses character, personality and presentation They were worth it Boca fans will highlight him above the rest. Even in social networks he asked him to "give the club key" to him and the captain.

His pre-eye game also meant a The serious interest of a number of European teams, among them Atlético de Madrid, Cagliari ac Inter o Milan. In terms of its contract, Uruguay has a Clause ending 20 million dollars and the strongest challenge would be Cagliari that would be willing to pay 10 million dollars for 50% of the path it is Boca has 70% and the remaining 30, by an investor group.

Although the leaders are waiting for the definition of successor Guillermo Barros Schelotto as a coach, new conflicts appear to be apparent and she has to do that Naitan future Nandez in Boca. His representative conditioned the player's progression to a significant improvement in his wages.

"There is a concrete offer gan Nández del Cagliari o Eidal. If he's staying in Boca, he wants to take the club's sport and economic responsibility. If he stays, he must pay it better. As your representative, he must be the best payment o campus. I have a offer from Europe, but Boca prioritized. We want to see how much love Boca has with him ", he assured Pablo Betancur.

Representative of Nández, in dialogue with TYC SportsThat said he was not looking for equipment "out of respect for Angelici" a club. "You have to see how far Boca can make the effort. The player wants to take a challenge, want to re-exchange. If he is the best player paying in the squad, he's staying in Boca, "he said.

Although he recognizes that "the exit clause is accessible" for European clubs, he ensured that "it's not going to run". However, that said "There are teams that can cause the case they bought it and left for another 6 months in Boca". In relation to the negotiation, Bentancur closed: "If it was up to me, this will be resolved tomorrow. They're a winner, they know what Nahitan is. "

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