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Confidence, silence and sense: how did the actresses did the public saying against their genre Darthés

They say it was about two months ago when the girl came to the assembly, one of the meetings that an important group of actresses do every fortnight, of those who started the fight for legalization of abortion and, although the law had not come out of the end, they are still on. In the case of this young girl, this is the first time she had gone, or at least the first time they saw him and that afternoon, there were not many, no more than 15 or 20. Yes. Those who remember that moment and say that it was then seen for a long time short time, "quiet". And very young Thelma Fardín That afternoon was to the Assembly of Argentine Actresses to ask for help a When he told him what had happened to him, they all knew that they were facing something very seriously.

After long silence, Thelma spoke. And something said "It came to me because I needed help, I have to make a complaint in Nicaragua, a complaint against an actor who spent me when I was 16."He had to travel with a lawyer and a friend to Managua and I did not have the way to do that. In the same afternoon he also said he did not want to sit on a television show to tell him what had happened to him, his idea was not to reveal himself. In the middle of the shock, the questions of their colleagues arrived and the name of the said actor was known: Juan Darthés. Yet, Juan Darthés, they all thought.

Once again, they had already received complaints from four or five people, who added Darthés abuse accounts, with a number of coincidences. Although it was not surprising, what was a bucket of cold water was the severity of a young actor's story Wild. Scenario: a little out of a house, in another country, on a journey, in a situation where it is apparent in subordinate conditions. A more powerful colleague and much more: that is clearly an abusive force. "Abuse of power is to tell the other: I do this because I can and because they will never bring my request, they explain.

"We did not have any doubts, there were no pastures in this story. Other times before any complaint, we ask what we are doing and we do not always agree"he said Infobae Julieta Ortega, who was that afternoon when they all felt salsa. Other times do not reach consensus, in this opportunity no one doubted. "She was not harassed, the complaint was serious, she was 16 years old, she was a sexual abuse. Everywhere, we felt that everything of unexpected obligation", Ortega continues." In this case there was also a bond of trust, "he said. Andrea Pietra. "This is the powerful adult that burns the victim's head to make him feel he wanted when he did not really want"

It was one of the largest media that communicates almost 400 actors that form the combination of Actrices Argentinas –the combined onethey call it- Dolores Fonzi He suggested how to protect Thelma. That was the idea Helping her financially so she could travel with her solicitor and her companion so after she returned with the criminal complaint filed in Nicaragua, and before effectively being released to the press, make a step not just to leave. So here is the idea of ​​calling a press conference coming to "make it feel embedded and compressed matrix. She's still a very young girl today, "says Ortega.

"The idea of ​​getting together and showing us was for Thelma to happen to him Calu (River): a woman who finds out that the whole society criticizes the victim ", explains Dolores Fonzi. "We came back a long time with this, there were a lot of work in many commissions and we will always try to listen to Themma and attend their needs." She always showed herself economical and self-conscious. So pending they were going with the actor who Darthés designated He agreed to leave the video shown yesterday during the conference to the press in their hands. "Thelma with friends who helped her, we trusted her and her criteria and we let her do what he thinks best," said Fonzi.

The silence was a general agreement: Thelma had to be protected. And besides a small leak, it was a respected agreement. The slogan ("Look at our opinion") which now circulates through all social networks between a number of proposals but that it was Thelma himself who contributed that last idea. "All the girls who told them the same thing, he told them," Look at how you give me, "he said. Infobae Melania Buero, remembering this process. "He accused them, and then we responded" Look at the way we put ourselves together and organize, "says the actor.

For Ortega, this moment can also be dangerous in relation to the work of the actor's boys. "There are many things that do not help, which are wrong, and in this case, Thelma was one of the most in the cast. There must be another type of regulation for those cases, they must be more elderly in care. I think, from this, many are beginning to realize that many things that have not been modified and that allow these things to happen. "

"Speak and come to all the hidden things – and that's why they're going to happen –master to break with this operandi modus of abuse that, in addition, makes the victim feel guilty, that's why he can not speak: he's feeling responsible for the fact, "said Pietra, who at the same time fails to Stop thinking about the little ones.

"My 8-year-old daughter saw the evidence several times, I did not stop it from seeing it, I think that such steps help to strengthen the dialogue with parents, they & # 39; n help him to know what his rights are. Integral Sexual) and that's why it's essential to reform the application for ESI in every school, where children are taught their rights and constraints, as well as respect for their bodies, "insisted on Pietra.

For Julieta Ortega, the possibility that well-known faces and names give light to this invoice can contribute to "that society and start to be aware of these issues and that men have the power and abuse of that power know that girls are organized with each other. And those women who have suffered some kind of violence feel that they are not alone. And not just in our environment but in all areas, factories, banks, offices … ".

"Today, we are moving the union and strength we produce with each other, and everything that happens from now on, p. of defects appearing or the reality of judicial case cases, everything that happens depends on this movement. It's our guide, "said Fonzi.

They all demand that a lot is missing. This just starts, they say, and they are enthusiastic about the strength they got when they met.

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