Tuesday , August 9 2022

Commercial superavit. January showed a positive balance of $ 372, and Indec said


This is the fifth consecutive month with a favorable balance in the trade balance; By the recession, imports dump; Source: Archive

The Argentina commercial exchange in January ended with a remainder of US $ 372 million and completed its fifth consecutive month with a positive balance, according to data released today by the



According to the report, in the first month of 2019 the trade deficit recorded in the same month of 2018 (US $ 927 million) was reversed, although the numbers revealed the impact of the exchange crisis and the reduction in economic activity , with falls in exports and imports.

According to the official statistical entity, foreign goods were bought plunging 26.5% in January, and it totaled US $ 4214 million (it had been US $ 5737 million in 2018). The most affected items were the import of capital goods (41% falling), motorized passenger vehicles (57%), consumer goods (34.4%) and fuels and irid (30.6%).

In the meantime, exports reached US $ 4586 million in January (they reached US $ 4810 million in 2018). Although the amounts are maintained, the reduction in value is explained by a reduction in the prices of export goods.

According to the official report, foreign currency income increased by 12.6% for the export of basic products and 6.5% for the agricultural origin manufacturing (MOA). In the meantime, exports of industrial manufactures (MOI) and fuel and energy widen 24.3% and 27.4%, respectively.

According to the official statistics agency, exports dropped by 4.7 per cent year to year to 4.586 billion dollars, while imports dropped by 26.5 per cent to 4,214 million dollars.

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