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Claudio Caniggia talked about the mansion scandal in Marbella and the crisis with Nannis


Tuesday 26 2019 – 08:50
The former football player first referred to the judicial chapter he was involved with his wife Mariana Nannis, after they were classified as screw scooters; for not paying the house they live in in Spain.

They're not going to admit, but this is being canceled by this since 2016. The Caniggia didn't ask me for permission to film at home and they filmed unauthorized in the house. There is no doubt that this is illegal. Nannis lies when she says it's her house. That lies. In fact, this is my weekend home. They look like the house belongs to them as it is a very nice place and they use it without giving money, so this is what these people do. # 39;
That was the complaint of Mike Partridge, the Englishman who introduced himself as the alleged owner of the mansion where Claudio Paul Caniggia and Mariana Nannis live in Marbella. According to his evidence, the couple in Argentina rent the property but have 500 thousand euros, which sparked a judicial war and an international scandal to describe them as agile squatters. 39;
After returning from Córdoba – where we work with a partner in a company representing football players – the former player broke the silence in front of Pamela's cameras in the afternoon and said everything was in his hands. solicitors. They had already submitted the report. Read the full case, there is a cover that explains everything, was the first thing Claudio Paul said.

"There is no debt"

There's no debt. The opposite: the scam was me, "he also said he expressed annoyance in the versions that showed that both his family – composed by his wife Mariana Nannis and their three children Alexander , Charlotte and Axel – in the mansion.
'Everything is in Justice. They invented it, it's a pity, ”said Caniggia, and then gave his version of the house in Marbella where he lived for years and even used his sons, Charlotte and Alexander, 'I have a purchase option. I was struck. In the case, I won. Someone wanted to cheat me,' he said.
When asked about rumors of a crisis with his wife and mother, Mariana Nannis, the former football player avoided responding by saying that he had already answered all the questions in the program's program. leading Pamela David in America. 'That's it,'; it ended before closing his vehicle door.

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