Saturday , November 28 2020

Cinthia Fernndez talked about the difficulties that women have to see his father, Matas Defederico

The hard separation of Cinthia Fernndez a Matas Defederico He was one of the most controversial in the world of Brenndula. Since then, they have been in a controversial war in the media, where they highlight difficult and decisive family situations on many occasions. However, for their three daughters, they left the opposite and appear to have been able to calm the waters slightly.

Cinthia and Matas had to agree the visit procedure so that the player could see the twins, Charis a Bella, and Francesca. The problem is that he is currently living in Greece, where he plays at the Apollon Smyrnis club of the Greek Premier League which, obviously, is a complexity to lay the days and; The dates are so that they are with their daughters.

At least so you're admitted the panelist in Los Angeles de la Maana. Yesterday the visit procedure arrived. We did both. If here, two days and weekend were offered. But in the case that it remains outside and refreshes, it is arranged that an adult, once again, each year goes with the girls to see the father, who may be his relative. In that we do have to agree, the brunette said.

Then, Fernndez I took the opportunity to air that the player did not have girls during the last Christmas, or in the New Year. These Awards were not seen. At one point I was asked to go to one of the girls and I said, no, no, the three. Then he said the three, but there was no time to arrange and the girls did not want to go. And not because you do not want to see it. I told them they want to go on holiday? & # 39; And they told me they wanted to stay at home, he explained.

Anyway, and meditic He noted that while they did not match each other, they never gave the best to contact the girls. He needs when he wants it. There are days that I screwed up the hand and told me that the girls are talking? & # 39; A s, obvious, detail former dancer, is not very committed to the bond between dad and women declining.

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