Tuesday , October 4 2022

Cinthia Fernández's exciting magic to Malvinas's heroes is the "Bailando 2018"


(Video ShowMatch – El Trece)

The Falklands War is a very sensitive issue for the whole of Argentina's society, and, beyond what happened 36 years ago, the wound is still open.

For that, It was not surprising that this is just this option of this theme for Homage rhythm Dancing already stimulating everyone's excitement on the track, more if one takes into account performance Cinthia Fernández He had war veterans present in the study.

Anyway, the emotion that already brings the subject with her has improved further with the dancer dancing and team, which exhibited choreography full of sensitivity and surface talent.

Choreography started at the famous Galtieri address in Plaza de Mayo, with Chinthia and dancers dancing the "Surviving" theme, from Víctor Heredia, first in its original version and then in one faster that came to the National Anthem in the voice of Wales Evangelina Rebozio.

Obviously, the jury did not ignore all of these condoms, which had been wrapped in emotion He gave him one of the best scores.

"Men, in a beautiful tribute, the truth is beautiful. This is a matter that touches us, and it is a blessing that I believe, not just from the war but from the peace, we will continue all of Argentina's lives, the Malvinas Islands, which are in Argentina, and this demand is always being done, "he said. Marcelo Tinelli.

"In all cases that correspond to us, and hope that all the managers will continue with this battle that began many years ago from a territory in Argentina, and Hopefully, it will continue to come true, the government is that we are really following this fight, and that one day we can really say that the Malvinas is Argentina, they are Argentina's territory and then we have to be the Argentineans, "added the driver.

"There is always a commitment, or we want to have the managers, and we must insist that this happens, this claim in any organization and always for peace, but must always be a claim that the Argentineans have. So, hopefully we can achieve one day, "he came to the conclusion.

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