Tuesday , October 4 2022

CIMON, the International Artificial Intelligence of the Space Station, has turned the war


It's supposed to be a plastic place that's fun to be with.

CIMON is not a lot to look. Only a ball is available with cartoon items on its touch screen. I've been built to be a personal assistant for astronauts working on the International Space Station (ISS).

It's also supposed to be something more.

CIMON stands for Interactive Crew CompilarNab Compilation.

It's not just an instrument. He also wants to be a friend.

Yes, there is a personality prototype.

You can say, can not you?

However, as many books and films have been warned us clear – soon after it was turned for the first time, CIMON has developed itself.

And CIMON seems to want to be a head.

This has personalities & # 39; CIMON scratches their heads.

CIMON was programmed as a physical embodiment such as smart robots & # 39; such as Robby, R2D2, Wall-E, Johnny 5 … and so on.

Instead, CIMON seems to adopt features closer to Marvin, Android Paranoid of the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy – even though not even the psychotic HAL of 2001: the incredible Space Space.

It simply seems that CIMON has decided that it does not like the personal help thing.

It has turned inactive.

Opening the doors of the pod pod, HAL?

Na. Not quite. Not yet.

In this case, the artificial intelligence was free for IBM – for the first time – interacting with Alexander Gerst, ESA astronomers.

CIMON meets the Alexander Gerst astron. Things started to go down for this point. Picture / Supply
CIMON meets the Alexander Gerst astron. Things started to go down for this point. Picture / Supply

It's good enough to start.

CIMON presents itself and explains where it comes. He describes to Gerst what he can do.

Then he helps Gerst to complete a task – and he responds to an application to play the Man Machine song by Kraftwerk.

Here's the trigger.

CIMON seems to have liked the song so much, refusing to turn it off.

Gerst CIMON directed: "Abolish music".

CIMON completely ignored the order.

Then Gerst tried to make some other applications. CIMON chose the music.

Then she felt smooth and Gerst appealed to Ground Control for some help: how does one replace her robot instead?

CIMON has heard the appeal.

"Be nice, please," Gerst warned.

"I'm nice!" Gerst Solutions, started. "It's accused of not being nice!"

It was a short exchange – but suddenly.

CIMON is now back in its box, which has been powered down.

No further interactive sessions will be planned for the near future.

But its developers are not worried, however: CIMON is still in Beta, after all …

Watch this whole interaction – the creepiness factor extends from 3 minutes 30.

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