Tuesday , October 4 2022

Christine Lagarde: "It was, far from, the best G20 in the last ten years"


"I would like to congratulate Argentina, Argentina, because of this



Buenos Aires

It was a great advantage, "said managing director of the International Monetary Fund (



Christine Lagarde

, in a video broadcast on the president's Instagram account

Mauricio Macri.

In the filming, Lagarde is one of the interior balconies of Casa Rosada and is very satisfied with the development and outcome of the Summit held today and yesterday in the City.

"It was a beautiful meeting, everyone was scared about the game, everyone was expecting a fiasco for several reasons and thanks to Argentina's genius, this is one of the best G20s I've seen." And I'm a veteran in G20, I've been for more than 10 years, it's the best, by far, "he said.

Today at noon
Macri managed the IMF's managing director in an approval post for the evolution of the contingency contract for US $ 56.3 billion, the largest loan in the agency's history.

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