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Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Christmas turkey is shell to the International Space Station, along with a cranberry sauce, candied magic and mandatory fruit.

However, the SpaceX rock addition was its landing zone, and it fell to the sea, on the sea.

The SpaceX Mission Control Groans completed in Hawthorne, California, on Wednesday, as a live video shows that the reinforcement turns out of control, still high above Cape Canaveral in Florida.

This was the first land lost by the company, although it had marched floating bars several times in the past, something harder to remove.

SpaceX commentator is called "bummer" but noted that he was secondary to Rocet's main mission 9 to get the Dragon capsule to orbit.

The main SpaceX, Elon Musk, said the recovery seemed vulnerable.

The hydraulic pump for the reinforcing landing stations seems to appear, identifying via Twitter.

LandXs 12 previous land, dating to 2015, were successful.

The disappointment was offset by the successful flight of the Dragon capsule and 2.5 tonnes of car, which should reach the space station on Saturday.

Apart from Turkey's breast smokers and all other Christmas dinner arrangements, the supply contains 40 mouse and 36,000 worms for aging and muscle studies.

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