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Christian Bragarnik, to replace the designs of a Chinese "Super" owner of Argentine football – 02/22/2019


A ring finger on his left hand shines. In three words, it is defined. Here is the summary of one hour of interview. Nothing happens. And it's inevitable that the message of the circle refers to the most famous circle in the history of Argentine football. "Everything happens" by Julio Grondona joins the "Nothing" that decided to record Christian Bragarnik. However, in the case of everything, the Argentine football soccer representative will have an explanation. "Do you want me to tell you the truth? There will have to be something to do with the Grondona circle, obviously. I was always a direction, a person who admired a lot and made important things in the history of Argentine football . But the phrase comes from a court song that was sung when Defense of Justice was still on the progress. It was something like this: Nooo, nothing happens / we were always the good and the bad. That's why Although Grondona has something to do, of course. "

In Yerbal, a few meters from Boyacá, Leyland video shop became Christian Bragarnik's first office. The dream of playing in Vélez, his boyfriend's club, had been far from becoming a reality. He surrendered in Comunicaciones and Almagro who played a handful of games in Justo José de Urquiza and Yupanqui, in the First D. A sign was unlikely: Yupanqui 7-2 won, DT Darío Tonon, who was a friend to him, had put him out of 9 and could not score a goal. This was his last game.

By that time I had been recording football games on VHS for almost a decade. "At the time, people just rented the premierees and there was a time when many stacked casetas had no sense in the video store. I was copied and redesigned with soccer games For pleasure, for a hobby, "he remembers.

Now, he's resuming one of his comfortable office chairs, which is in the heart of Puerto Madero. Already chatted with an American business business, and spent a few minutes around the racing goal Gabriel Arias, and became aware of the attempts to claim the points lost by Defense and Justice to Botafogo. His uncomfortable times that raised his cell phone.

He has the ball. Bragarnik represents very important technicians and players. (Silvana Boemo)

He has the ball. Bragarnik represents very important technicians and players. (Silvana Boemo)

-Why you want to have a video store to be one of the most powerful businesses in Argentina's football world?

-I do not deny in all of the past. Moreover, before the video store, he worked in a Chinese supermarket and accommodation pictures. But I always liked football. I'm working hard to get there.

-But how do you jump? How was that beginning?

-I has helped me play football and I know people from the environment. One day came to ask me for a hand (the representative) Daniel Comba, who is a friend of life. He knew I had edited videos for weddings and I liked recording games, so he told me to help with player images. And they were good. Bah, you can see that they are happy. The player was Usuriaga, the Palomo.

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-You did not reach your play career. Were you bad or did you have a bad representative?

-I say that it is normal.

– Can a normal player with a good representative go far?

– I, no. The composers are these, the players or the technicians. Now, from this side, I can try to represent those I know well, because these are those who can give a long success me. And that creates confidence in you. That's why when they say "Look, both technicians from Bragarnik" or "He or she has that player" … But they're fine. And then? What is the problem?

-It many technicians represent those who did not do well but still appear as an option every time a club is left without a coach. That's curious

– For me, it's not strange. Because everything does not have to do with results. Oh, my technicians, I believe they all present good projects, good ideas and that's why they get work after that.

-They should also be easier for a president to ask you about the trainer and, as they pass, try to get players from their team to strengthen the club.

-I do not force anyone. Obviously, if you see the work that we have done in Defense and Justice, if you find out what Racing has had to improve with all the work with Victor Blanco, or a continuation over the years; Showing Godoy Cruz … In addition, there are many representatives who have many players on the same team and just talk about Bragarnik.

– Why do you think?

– Because I'm successful. And that's Argentina worried. Then they start searching for the form. And obviously it's easy to say that since I worked in Tijuana, with what Tijuana represents here … it is related to drug trafficking. I am a club employee, I work as a sports lawyer in football, I do my house, I'll advise, and what the owners of the organizations will face. It happens in every company.

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– Is it good or bad that you are trying to approve the Sports Public Limited Companies (SAD) record to manage the clubs?

-Byever anyway, I'll tell you that I'm not after that as they live saying. What would be useful to me? If you were a club owner, it would be harder to have players in other clubs that you compete with. And I do not see it as possible with Argentina's football. I do not see that the unanimity of the partners in that sense. What I think is that many clubs will eventually become a limited company because their situation does not allow more.

– The movement of a civil society to a corporation would change the social spirit of the clubs.

-Dendends, I do not think so. What can members do in clubs? What power of decision do they have? Can they define who the trainer or who can reach? I do not think that the partners now decide a lot, huh. They could only urge abuse to court. And in the countries that operated the SAD, I do not see that the supporters are dissatisfied.

– At least now they can choose who they are voting for as president.

Yes, yes. And I believe it is something that I should consider in the way of Corporations.

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-In the final date, Racing de Coudet and Defense and Justice Beccacece, two of their representatives, play the championship.

– It's a shame that the games are put by the UBA councilors but they would have said that I was putting it to a bus (laughs). Sometimes it is destroying these things. The truth is that no-one would have thought that Defense would fight. You have an example of two successful management processes that have their fruit. I hope to define the champion of that and so on.

-Why do you explain to your family that gymnastics motivates you on a camera against a arbitration ruling against Defense and Justice?

-If Argentina's football is like that, living in search of disorders. I'm calm, Pedro (Troglio) had already talked to him and apologized. Nothing happens

So, as the circle says.

Mexico, like a catapult for Argentine football

Bragarnik, with Mexican football pieces in one of his office rooms in Puerto Madero. (Silvana Boemo)

Bragarnik, with Mexican football pieces in one of his office rooms in Puerto Madero. (Silvana Boemo)

Mariano Monrroy's accommodation is in the big armchair in front of the large screen where they play Naples and Zurich for the Europa League. With 40 years and retired from football, he started four months ago to work in Soccer Score S.A, the team that led Bragarnik. Monrroy (who sold from Dalleres to Irapuato in 2002) was the key to a Mexican football representative, who in turn served as a base to go to networking websites in Argentina football.

In six months he went to advise Querétaro to become president. Later, the links between the business of the corporation owned by the club and drug traders were found. And Bragarnik decided to come back.

No need to return to Yerbal Street video store. With his experience in Mexico and with the contacts that he produced, he became a Argentine football. And it did not give the best to grow.

– You were investigated to sell Julio Rodríguez de Defensa a Justicia a Dorados in 2013 for inconsistencies in the amount.

– (interventions) Para, I will explain. This is clear. The Financial Information Unit decided to make a Report of suspicious Operations as it was of the opinion that the figure sold by the player ($ 80,000) was very low. He did and it seems perfect. They are similar when they stop you in vehicular control. They ask you about the papers but that does not mean you're a cross. They did not experience something weird. Time covers things and, over time, I do not know where Julio Rodríguez is now, if he retired or continues to play.

After the experience in Querétaro, Bragarnik's relations with Mexico have been renewed in another region, Tijuana. There he met Jorgealberto Hank Inzunza, one of 19 children Jorge Hank Rhon, a multimillionaire business company, the owner of the Caliente Group, dealing with Xolos and Dorados men from Sinaloa, the team that had no technician only when he was maradona told Bragarnik that he wanted to refer again.

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Name & Name Jorge Hank Rhon He took public celebrity in Argentina when Maradona arrived at the Dorado de Sinaloa, last year. Hank Rhon is the head of the Grupo Caliente and owner of a network of casinos that are present in 19 states of Mexico, a hotel, an agency that specializes in active and corporate travel for large companies, a horse riding club, fun, swing and even old school. He was the mayor of Tijuana for the Organizational Revolutionary Party (PRI). And in its rare public appearances in the media, it usually shows its disadvantage: it has a private zoo with lions, jaguar, puffin … According to what they say in Mexico, there are around 25,000 animals.

In 2011, after a raid on one of its properties, an arsenal of more than 80 weapons was found. Hank Rhon was kept for nine days at El Hongo de Tecate prison in Baja California. When released, he declared that everything had been a political act against him. And he took the ironic opportunity: "At least he helped to lose 8 kilos".

Jorge Hank Rhon, with his second wife, and ernome her collection. He is the owner of Grupo Caliente, who manages a chain of casinos and two Mexican children,

Jorge Hank Rhon, with his second wife, and ernome her collection. He is the owner of Grupo Caliente, who manages a chain of casinos and two Mexican children,

"I Hank Rhon, I think I see it twice in my life, from what I understand it was not imprisoned and that the guns by one of prisoners … My connection is in Tijuana with one of his sons, Jorgealberto Hank Inzunza, "warns Bragarnik.

– And how did you come to Maradona to Dorados?

– A trip to Russia, according to the chances, was behind Maxi, a Diego assistant. We chatted, we welcomed the phones and the relationship continued. One day he called me and told me that Diego wanted to drink some friends with me. I went to see him and he told him he wanted to go back to instruct, that the possibility of being a president at the Belarus club was his interest but he wanted to be back on court again. Oh, and explained the language issue. Because he came from being a trainer in the UAE and wanted a club where he could usually communicate with players. And well, I said: "I'm interested, let me see, I want to help you." It was incredible: Diego is the idol that I have and from all Argentina. Justo Dorados needed a technician and said "let's take this madness". Today, I see Diego very happy, the players love him, and in a place that, beyond all the things that he says, gives him peace.

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– In Argentina, your foundation was Defense and Justice. How do you explain to someone outside the football of your work at the club?

-A Defense and Justice I went and presented a sports project. I have a great relationship with Lemme, the president; with her son And something sentimental makes me do Defense. Seeing club growth is spectacular.

– But do you have a contract? Manager Manager, manager …?

-I have not signed anything. We worked together, I contacted them as technicians, who fortunately surrendered, based on a comprehensive football project that was respected many years ago.

In Boca, with heavy weight

Bragarnik, with Justicia and Vélez Defense shirts, is the club that supports him. (Silvana Boemo)

Bragarnik, with Justicia and Vélez Defense shirts, is the club that supports him. (Silvana Boemo)

In December 2017 an impression was made during the withdrawal of the Libertadores Copa in Asunción. Closer to Boca's president, Daniel Angelici, there he was: Bragarnik. "I have one of the few friends I have in football, I do not have a problem saying it's clear they'll think and say a lot of things, but I & # 39; do not know someone loyal, "he said. And he notes that he will not change his relationship with the club whoever gets the December elections.

From one of his team partners, Marcelo "el Bocha" Valeri, Bragarnik joined Boca with strong figures: Darío Benedetto, who passed through Tijuana who arrived at the Ribera from America de México; Iván Marcone, another from Aztec lands (Cruz Azul); and between them also to facilitate arriving at Mauro Zárate, with the novel about his departure from Vélez.

"Vélez's fans were angry with me because of the departure of Mauro, but the mistake was the club that had not anticipated the choice of purchasing for the player, and then the decision became the player's player, what he wants to do I believe Vélez was the mistake, for now, I can not step on the court or tell me I betrayed the club ", he defends himself.

Beyond the situation, the fact that he had intervened to control the arrival of Zárate to Boca meant a boost for the Bragarnik team at La Ribera club, as he was little trusted that the negotiation could be achieved. If that query was moving, the relationship between Angelici and the representative was good, and at that time it became even stronger.

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