Tuesday , October 4 2022

China Rush Moon Mission: Chang e-4


China is about to be its first nation to land on the dark side of the Moon. But Beijing is unusual in secret for the event – even confirms his suspected launch date this weekend.

China is believed to be targeting the robotic tier in the Von Karaman crater, near the southern Pole of the Moon. It is awarded as the oldest impact crater in the Solar System as a whole, making it ideal for water ice and a rare hydrogen isotope carried out on the Solar wind.

Both have the potential to influence inter-lattice journeys in the future.

The lander, known as Chang-e-4 (Moon Glories 4), will touch the crater inside to inspect its contents. In addition, it will experiment on the growth of a low plant.

In order for the mission to be possible, a communications satellite was launched earlier this year – in May – to transfer its signs back to the Earth. Chang of the Mission mission is to use the impact of the bulk of the Moon's bulk to block the noise of & # 39; radio and listening to signs of war. It will prove the clarity of a telescope optics when it is outside the Earth's inospheric.

If it's launched this weekend, Chang e-4 is likely to touch on the face of the Moon on December 31.

China has concentrated its space efforts on the Moon since the space program was started in 2004. Two crews have been put into the Lunar, Chang-e-1 and 2. Ornate landscape Chang & # 39; e-3 was the first since 1976.

Chang's e-4 is a precursor to another mission Chang-e-5, which has been scheduled to launch next year. I've been designed to collect a sample of regolith (the Sunflower of the Moon) and to return to the Earth to analyze.

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