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Chevrolet will launch 7 models in 2019 that market a market of less than 700,000 cars


At the end of the year of the purchase of Chevrolet Argentina, the company has announced its plans to face 2019 with everything: it will launch 7 models, after 4 in 2018, was among the New edition of Cruze, which is produced in the General Motors automotive complex in Santa Fe.

"The company's plans are ambitious to say deeply after 2018, which is stated by the fall in sales in what many of the many years hoped for at a historic level," said Carlos Zarlenga, president General Mercosur motors in front of those called in the Building to the River.

The "2019 will be a challenging year", said the executive was one of the events that came together with the main managers, dealers and drivers of the team, along with the specialized press and the economics field, among those who took ran Infobae.

Overcrowded industry, affected by exogenous inefficiency

In an austere framework, which was typical of a very difficult time for the automotive industry, Carlos Zarlenga agreed to another with journalists to analyze market perspectives: "everyone agrees that 2019 will be shared & # 39; two-thirds, the first part will coincide with the contrasting behavior that was received in the second quarter of 2018, and henceforth depends on the way in which electoral uncertainty evolves and restores real pay, it's a bit stronger. I can see a market about 640,000 and 700,000 units ".

For this month of December, the executive said not to believe that the market was more than 40,000 cars. And that "what you see in terms of proposals responds to small tightening after the average market prices rise between 80% and 90% in the year, which is the effective sales value."

He added: "The withdrawal of the current market is the overlapping product that occurred between the reduction in value, the rise in prices and the reduction in real wages, therefore, to the extent that prices tend to have more stable behavior. I think that there are many opportunities for that to happen with the Central Bank's financial policy, so the market will start with a low number, at a rate of 600,000 units per annum, and higher than the end of 2019. "

Although in terms of exports, Zarlenga considered that "shipments to Brazil could grow just over 12% because there were adjustments in consesaires in the neighboring country that set low levels" this year.

Review export policy

Zarlenga confirmed that industrialists in the automotive sector were holding a dialogue with government officials to "find mechanisms so that exports can grow more, such as eliminating $ 3 dollar emergency suspension and eliminating tax repayments".

"We have a automotive industry capable of producing 4 million units, and yet we do not accept investments with an export objective only, but we sell overseas products that have a domestic market base and then shipping & # 39 The rest to Brazil. The question is why there is no place in the world where the industry does not export out where it has located, "the entrepreneur met .

A central theme, which is most common to most of the industries, is low competitive: "that will be reversed giving a difficult fight, in the case of tax reduction, ensuring greater labor efficiency, reducing transport and logistics costs, due to the plant's door to the internal engineering of manufacturing, machinery and processes, equally with any part of the world. with investment appearing the investments with an export destination ", it is synthesized Carlos Zarlenga who answered all press questions, excluding the investment made by GM for the scheme to launch 7 models that have been renovated, and said, "many will have to talk".

Dollar rates and interest rates

The top regional GM executive added how the weight loss of high pressure and interest rates affected the final business; "In terms of profitability, the initial value reduction was creating an important red, especially in September, but now with a swap rate of around $ 39 it has been significantly reduced".

Although it is about interest rates, Zarlenga said: "high level creates a stop at sales level, as the client who wants to buy the car does not have the option to fund ".

And for the launches planned in 2019, which provided only a minimum of details about the new Chevrolet Cruze, such as the incorporation of a 4G and WiFi factory, the entrepreneur is predicted: "We will launch a new generation of more technological, safe and related vehicles, which will enable us to continue to lead in technology and innovation ".

Chevrolet Also discuss with the Midnight Tracker, one of the models that the brand will launch in 2019. The Midnight series was opened in 2018 when the Argentine market was introduced S10 Midnight.

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