Monday , June 27 2022

Changes in tickets: they are going Evita a Roca, this is the time of the Chronic taruca


The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) issued a 100-pound bill issuing order on Tuesday and converted the old 10 pesos into currency. After the cornero, the guanaco, the yaguareté and the contemporary fauna whale, the new family of uncommon animals instead of Argentina's heroes when drawing up the tickets, the taruca is added, which will take place and portraits Eva Perón a Julio Argentina Roca. The Andean deer is a significant animal from western Argentina and would be at risk of disappearing.

In the intaglio impression, you can see a portal of Taruca and the code for people with visual disabilities with obviously discharge relief. The motifs have been printed in green current green leaves in ultraviolet light. The violet color will remain predominantly in the new ticket as it was in the previous two versions.

In addition, the national financial authority will issue $ 2 and $ 10 coins with the images of the owner and calder, respectively. Both designs are part of the Argentine Army Treasury Line. Although there is no confusion, it was said that the coin of $ 2 was golden, weighed 5 grams and diameter of 21.5 millimeters. The $ 10 money is also gold, weighs 9 grams and measures 24.5 millimeters.

According to the BCRA, starting this Wednesday, the new $ 100 bill will be distributed gradually through the entire branch network and it will match the people others of the same value that are currently available. The deer is the sixth largest member of this series of new bills. Before the condor ($ 50), and previously the cornero ($ 1,000) and the guanaco ($ 20), launched in 2017; and a right-hand cart ($ 200) and the yaguareté ($ 500), which was circulated in 2016.

Officially launched a new 100-kiln bill yesterday in José No. 44, José Ignacio Gorriti, in the town of León, in the province of Jujuy. The general manager of the BCRA took part in the event, Nicolás Gadano, and the deputy general manager of payment methods, Julio Pando.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina began with the 500-billion bill in June 2016 in its circulation of a "new family of tickets". All with images of the unusual fauna of different parts of the country. Each ticket has one side of the picture of a representative of animals from the different regions, and on its back, its natural habitat. The objective is through fauna and flora to represent life and life.

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