Saturday , July 2 2022

Central reserves reach a new maximum after another IMF charge


For the time being, registers and financial entities have increased US $ 7,763 million compared to the previous business day since US $ 7,619 million came in as part of the ready-to-date agreement who signed Argentina with the IMF.

With these resources, the reserves were higher than the maximum validated on January 9 this year when it reached international assets of US $ 63,906 million, after deploying a foreign debt of US $ 9,000 million.

On Wednesday this week, the Fund approved the second review of the contingency agreement with Argentina and allowed a third sum of US $ 7.6 billion, which is part of the world- widespread donation to the country.

This reduction is the third year specified by the multilateral credit agency – the first was in June and the second in October – it already provides US $ 28,090 million of total totaling more than US $ 56 billion.

Not only as a result of the resource inflow of the Fund, the reserves succeeded in reaching a volume of records: on December 17, central reserves had increased by US $ 8,729 million and closed at US $ 58,616 million , as expanding the exchange increases. of money (exchange) with China. According to official information, there was an expansion of the exchange for a total of 60,000 million yuan (equivalent to US $ 8,725 million).

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