Tuesday , October 4 2022

Cause of hantavirus to confirm in Chubut


The Chubut Agency

Ministry of Health Authorities from the province of Chubut, a press conference and confirmed that there was only one confirmed hantavirus case, which has already been released, and other cases under study.

"So far, only one confirmed hauntavirus case has already been released," said Esquel Area Program director Jorge Elías. For patients suspected of contracting the virus, confirmation is expected through samples sent to Buenos Aires.

In terms of the confirmed case, Elías said he was "a native of the rural area of ​​Epuyén, so we would plan to set up that place, with all the technical equipment, we will work with each other with & # 39; Civic and Local Hospital, to take definitions in the field ".

On behalf of him, the head of the Program Program Program for Esquel, Emiliano Biondo, "confirmed the only positive case of Hantavirus on November 13, a man from a farmhouse, with contact information in his house, who is suspect, who is always always investigate, the environmental and epimediological survey of the vulnerability area is being done ".

Biondo explained that "in the survey of the confirmed person, we know that he lives in the rural area of ​​Epuyén, so we are in the town to continue all the information surveys, the surveys that he has they must be done, because this does not happen from one day to another. "


From the provincial sanitary portfolio, it is recommended that tourists or visitors always camp in a sunny place, clear of weeds and garbage, where mice loads can not be found. Do not enter the forest, in places where there are no bees and there is no warning sign that says you can travel safely.

For residents of rural areas, promptly asked for them to take precautionary measures when carrying out rural tasks, and it is convenient to relieve the space to clean up in advance and give some visual protection, in the nose and mouth, do not aspire the voyage of the mice or urine, which over time dries and produces easily aspirated dust, which is the mechanism for which the hata is transferred.

If the space is closed a long time ago, first you must ventilate and clean it.

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