Friday , August 12 2022

Catherine Fulop asks her brother in Venezuela Santa Fe


The actor asked for help through social networks for her brother Jorge, who does not see six years ago, and that she was acted for a tumor in her throat.

"I have Venezuelan brothers that I do not see six years ago. Also, I met when they were a year old, and I did not see them again … They are many years. I can not speak when we I realize the time it takes it I do not see. It's not easy to handle. Sadly, unfortunately all Venezuelans must live in it. They steal our country. "

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In November 2018 Catherine Fulop was worried about her current Native Venezuela, A country that does not travel to six years ago. On more than one occasion, the actor has spoken publicly against government Nicolás Maduro and permanently help members of a family that lives there.

In the last few hours, Cathy slammed with 900,000 Instagram followers by announcing an application for help for the health of his brother Jorge, who was acted for a tumor in his throat.

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"Urgent For my brother in Venezuela, I urgently need: Heat with codeine, Pulmicort, Bromide of ipratropio, Muclar in tablets, "by post asking for a specific solution so that his brother can continue with medical treatment.

"Yes, my people. I'm ready to ask for these medicines as a matter of urgency to my brother. If someone has information about where we can get them, please contact the phone number and # 39 ; It appears on the post, "he added in the statement. social network.

He also used his Twitter account to extend the order to more than a million and a half followers. There, he noted the kind of operation his brother introduced. He also shared the prescription with the medication order.

The application for Fulop support comes in the middle Venezuela Live Help, a mega concert organized in Colombia on the border with Venezuela, and this will sing more than 30 artists throughout this Friday and will help Venezuelan people.


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